Tina: International Superstar & Slipper Enthusiast

Meet Tina

Meet Tina

Here Hare at Bunnyslippers.com, we have an appreciation for all things cute, fuzzy, and plush, but that’s not to say we don’t enjoy a dash of glamor at the same time.

To wit, we present the music of international pop sensation Tina. Born in Mumbai and raised in New Jersey (where only the strong survive), she’s an artist on the rise and one to watch in 2012.

Embedded below are two clips that showcase her varied talents as a singer, dancer, actor and musician. The first pairs her with hip-hop tough guy, Fat Joe, for an uptempo jam powered by a Bollywood beat, while the second reveals a softer, more introspective sound, via a collaboration with the one and only Ringo Starr!



Tina’s eclectic taste also extends to fashion and, yes, animal slippers! Pictured below is the artist herself, garbed in a pair of our adorable penguin slippers. In typical Tina style, she models them triumphantly.

Tina, pop sensation at large, models a pair of penguin slippers

Tina, pop sensation at large, models a pair of penguin slippers

Want more Tina? Check her out on the web at:

Tina World HQ | Facebook | YouTube

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