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Pink Flamingo Animal Slippers

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Adult Pink Flamingo Slippers

Size: One Size Fits Most, Up to a Women's 10


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Adult Pink
Flamingo Slippers

Price: $24.95

Toddler's Pink Flamingo Slippers

Size: one size fits toddlers ages 1-4; insole measures 6" in length.


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Toddler's Pink
Flamingo Slippers

(Ages 1-4)

Price: $19.95

Pink Flamingo Slippers

Now everyone's favorite pink, feathery friend can be a part of your daily routine. These adorable flamingo slippers, colored a perfect shade of pink, will be a cheery, welcoming sight after a long hard day. With their full coverage, soft soles and no slip backs, these pink flamingo slippers provide plenty of cozy comfort. A perfect gift for flamingo fans, these slippers feature a 11" insole, which fits most, up to a women's size 10.


Product Reviews

"I've been looking all over for flamingo slippers and not only are these great quality, they are such a pretty color and sooo soft!!!"
Olcott, December 2010

"The slippers are great and arrived in record time. Will definetly use site again."
Kathlee, August 2012

Fell In Love
"I loved these flamingo slippers. I bought them for someone who wanted unicorn slippers but they were sold out but the girl still fell in love. So the lesson that we learned is that even if ur friend likes unicorns, a flamingo is always there to lend a hand! <3"
Ella, December 2013

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