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Easy Halloween Costumes!


Halloween can sneak up on the best of us. Don’t get caught off guard this year! has created a handy guide to help you find easy, DIY Halloween costumes. From beloved characters to quirky creatures, we have a great list of ideas you’re sure to love. Read on for a few of our favorite easy Halloween costumes! Continue reading

Bear Costumes has created a unique and creative DIY Halloween costume guide for your enjoyment. And within our halloween costume guide, we have two bear costumes that are sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your paws. We have the tools you need to effectively recreate a Smokey the Bear costume, a Polar Bear costume, and more specifically, the Coca Cola Polar Bear costume! Continue reading

The Halloween Costume Guide!

The time has come, and the crew here at is so excited to present our Halloween Costume Guide!BS_halloween_costume_guide

We’ve assembled a unique collection of costumes that you’re sure to enjoy. There are eight stellar costume ideas for you to browse, all using slippers that you can buy at You’ll be the hit of the party this Halloween with any of our costumes, so stay awhile and take a look around!

Save up to 40% with our Summer Sale!



Hey all you slipper fans! It’s time to get excited because we have started our annual Summer Sale! We have over 2 dozen styles in our summer sale lineup, and they’re waiting to keep your toes toasty!

We have discounts up to 40% off so be sure to check it out. The sale ends on Sunday, August 30 so be sure to grab your favorite styles while they’re available! Hop on over to the Summer Sale page and meet your new favorite footwear!

Summer Haircuts for your Pet

With summer temperatures on the rise, our pets deserve a reprieve. We’ve gathered a handful of hilarious haircuts to help get your pet through the dog (and cat) days of summer!

The Lion

lion-cat        lion_dog-300x300

Whether you have a dog or a cat, a very popular summer haircut is the Lion! Shaving off the majority of your pets fur is bound to help them cool off during the heat of the season. Some owners choose to shave off all but the mane, while others go so far as to include the tufts of fur at the tail and around the paws. This cat doesn’t seem too happy, but it looks like the dog is thrilled to play dress up!

The Stegosaurus


Send you pet back to prehistoric eras with this Stegosaurus cut! It looks pretty involved, and not easy to accomplish, but it’s sure to leave your pet cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside. A plus is that the spikes aren’t sharp, and your pet isn’t extinct!

The Mohawk


It’s a style that never seems to go, well, out of style! The mohawk looks great on people and pets alike! This unique haircut has the benefit of keeping your pet cool and comfortable while still allowing you to pet that luxurious coat you’re used to! Some owners trim the tail, too, keeping the fur just along the back. No matter which cut you choose, your pet will be the coolest on the block.

Puss in Ugg Boots


Summer is definitely not the season to be walking around in shearling lined boots. But, this cat can get away with it! How adorable is this haircut? Similar to the Lion, but with a little less mane, this haircut is sure to accent your pet’s style. Your animal will definitely feel a lot cooler, both socially and temperature-wise!



Whether you live in Scandinavia or not, everyone loves a good pair of Lederhosen! This dog is a good sport when it comes to his apparel. If you give your pet this incredible cut, you’ll yodel with laughter every time you look at him. Guaranteed to raise a laugh and lower the temperature, the Lederhosen cut is a win-win!

Bunny Bonus!

wallyThis is a traditional buzz cut on a not-so-traditional animal! This incredibly adorable bunny is an Angora Rabbit. Historically prized for their luxurious long fur, Angoras are said to be softer than cashmere! It’s more about comfort for this little guy! Close cropped and too cute for words, we couldn’t have an animal post without highlighting a bunny.!

If you have a pet, or even if you don’t, we hoped you enjoyed seeing and reading about what some owners do to help their animals stay cool and comfy in the summer!