Bunny Myth: Was Bugs Bunny Voice Actor Allergic to Carrots?

Mel Blanc Carrot Allergy

An urban myth has been circulating the cartoon domain for quite some time, claiming that the Bugs Bunny voice actor, legendary Mel Blanc, was in fact allergic to carrots. We did some research and now present you with the truth. Details below.

Rather than going on and on about it,  we’ll give you the answer straight up – the story is not true.

But Blanc in fact didn’t like carrots. He had a peculiar habit of chewing carrots right before recording Bugs’ voice parts. Mel used to chew the carrot for a bit and then spit it out, leaving him with a distinctive voice for a brief period. The spitting out part was noticed by the studio folks and ultimately turned into an urban legend.

A definite cartoon icon, Mel Blanc recorded voices for a vast array of different characters, earning him the “Man of 1,000 Voices” nickname. As Comic Book Resources indicates, some of the looney guys he voiced also include Daffy Duck, Porkey Pig and Barney Rubble.


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