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Unusual Animal Buddies

The world we live in can truly be a magnificent place. Just check out these odd friendly couples we have in store for you today. They will melt your heart out for sure! 

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Oddities: Weird Superstitions From Around the World

There’s nothing quite like a dose of some good old superstition, but in some parts of the world, things have gone a tad too far. It’s Friday the 13th today, so buckle up and check out our list or craziest … Continue reading

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Insta-Fluffy: 7 Animals You Should Be Following on Instagram

Selfies and pictures of food on Instagram are so overdone nowadays. The new trend taking over the popular social media network is decidedly fluffier: pets! But it’s not just the occasional picture of Fluffy or Fido: photogenic pets everywhere are … Continue reading

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Celebrating Mother’s Day: Bunny Moms Gallery

To mark this year’s Mother’s Day, we decided to share with you a heartwarming gallery proving once and for all that mother love has no boundaries, no matter if it’s humans or bunnies we’re talking about. Check out our bunny … Continue reading

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Funny Time: Animals Being Derps

We’ve got sunny days coming soon, so how about we brighten ‘em up even more with some derpy animal faces? You can take our word on this, there’s nothing, and we can say it again, nothing like a derpy animal … Continue reading

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Hilarious: Animals Caught in Funny Situations

We’d like to brighten up your day with these hilarious photos of animals caught in most peculiar situations. These are truly amazing creatures and we can’t help it but loving them. I mean just check out these photos below!

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Honoring the Greats: Why Is There a Tiny Bunny in Nelson Mandela’s Ear?

Local South African sculptors Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren drew quite a controversy with one of their latest works, the statue of legendary Nelson Mandela.

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Baby Bunny: Song So Cute It’ll Get Stuck in Your Head Forever

It’s time to lighten things up with a Bunny hit tune! Titled “Baby Bunny,” the song we’re bringing you is too cute not to get stuck in your head. A favorite of rabbit aficionados around the globe, it easily found … Continue reading

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Rabbit Communication: Ulfa the Bunny Learns When to Nod Her Head

If you thought that bunnies can’t figure out our communication, we have something to prove you wrong. We’re talking about Ulfa, a little bunny girl who had figured out the ways of nodding.

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Norman Reedus, Bunny Slipper Enthusiast!

One doesn’t normally associate zombies with slippers (sure, stranger things have happened…), but actor Norman Reedus, arguably the biggest star of AMC’s sprawling, soap opera zomcom, The Walking Dead, is an unabashed proponent. To wit, the image embedded below, which … Continue reading

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