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It Sounds Like Your Worst Nightmare (But It Isn’t): Lego-Shaped Slippers

The greatest fear on the Internet – stepping on a Lego brick, just got taken to a whole new level, but it’s not as scary as you might think. Although Lego slippers sound like the interwebs edition of iron maiden torture … Continue reading

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Slipper-Shaped Sunbeds: This Summer’s Craziest Invention

The summer is coming, so it’s time to lay off the hard work and get some swimming done! And after you treated yourself with a good dive or two, there’s nothing better than an instant switch to lazy mode and … Continue reading

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Carrot Or Brick: 10 Bunnies Composed Of Lego

Artfully assembled bric-a-brac brick-a-bun, curated here from websites both big and small. 1. Lego rabbits with floppy ears? Lego rabbits with floppy ears! [Via] 2. Kissyface buns. [Via] 3. Nom Nom Nom! [Via]

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Posh Pet Bed pEi Pod

“I am very little. Careful! Don’t step on me. You never have to walk me. I don’t bark. I don’t ask for much, but just because your shoe box says Jimmy Choo doesn’t mean I want to sleep in it.” … Continue reading

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(HEAVY) Hop Art at the Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada is known for being a “hotbed of culture”. During a recent stay there, one of our FH2P editors noticed a eye-catching collection of hop art out on the roof. (Image Source: Drake Hotel website) … Continue reading

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Pinsperational Bunny Crafts

About a week ago, we posted this simple rabbit-related D.I.Y project on our Facebook.  What started as an innocent crafting curiosity soon became a crafting frenzy, and we realized there was only one place to go that would quench our … Continue reading

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Hare Raising Rabbit Artwork: An Interview With Victor Huang

We love cute stuff, we love weird stuff (uh, have you seen our Cthulhu slippers?), and we love rabbits. So when we happened upon the hop art of toymaker Victor Huang, we knew we had to feature his work on From … Continue reading

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