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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids!

Planning Easter Baskets for kids this year, but want to avoid a sugar overload? Check out these ten ideas for non-junky, non-candy Easter Basket fillers that your kids will love year-round!

  1. Bunny Slippers: These cute and cuddly slippers will have your little ones hop-hop-hopping for joy! We’ve got a Kids’ size for the littles, and three larger sizes for bigger kids and adults.
  2. Pretend Play Set: This fun collection of educational toys from eeBoo helps your little one create a rocket ship out of a box, open a play diner, or tell a creative story!
  3. Biofino Fried Egg: Forget the cheap plastic eggs, here’s an egg your kids will love for a long time to come. “Crack” open the metal shell and fry up the fabric egg. This is a play kitchen must have!
  4. Play-Doh: A classic for a reason…this is a great toy for open-ended play and endless imagination!
  5. Baudino Sand Bucket Scooter: This mini sand scooter is great for the beach or sandbox! Inside is a stacking sieve, mold, and trowel for hours of sandy fun.
  6. Vegetable and Flower Seeds: Plant some seeds to celebrate spring, and enjoy watching them grow all summer!
  7. Bunny Thermos Bottle: A very adorable way to stay hydrated!
  8. Kids’ Garden Hand Tools: Kiddos need their own tools built for smaller hands, this adorable set comes with a trowel, rake, and spade!
  9. Flower Garden Coloring Roll: While waiting for their flowers to grow, kids will love this new take on a coloring book. For hours of coloring fun, keep rolling out the paper to reveal more of the scene.
  10. Sidewalk Chalk: Kids can enjoy both outdoors time and creative time with some sidewalk chalk!

Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals!

Are you shopping for any mini zoologists this holiday season? If there’s a little one in your life who’s the ultimate animal lover, read on! We’ve gathered up some cozy slippers and some high quality toys that are sure to delight, year-round!

Kids Dog Slippers: Arf! These friendly little pups have floppy ears and adorable fuzzy fur. They’ll keep your little one’s paws nice and cozy!

Geometric Animals Puzzle Sticks: This is really six puzzles in one! To discover one of the animals, first find one eight sticks with the same background color, then arrange to reveal the image. Includes fox, tiger, bear, lion, raccoon, and cat!

Kids Fox Slouch Slippers: With vibrant orange coats in the softest fur ever, these foxes are lined with fleece and have embroidered features. Padded micro-suede soles are both durable and non-slip!

Veterinarian Pretend Play Set: Your little one can set up their own veterinarian’s office with this beautifully-designed set! They’ll be diagnosing and curing stuffed animals in no time. Includes X-rays, patient records, vet tools, and more!

Kids Alligator Slouch Slippers: With rows of felt “teeth”, spines, and embroidered yellow eyes, these mischievous alligators will keep your kiddo laughing year-round! Made with ultra soft plush, fleece linings, and non-slip microsuede soles.

Wigglefants Stacking Game: What are Wigglefants? They’re wiggly, wobbly elephants! Stack these wooden elephants in all kinds of ways…follow the pattern cards to re-create a shape, or build your own.

Kids Wolf Paw Slippers: Inspire hours of imaginative play, and keep little toes cozy at the same time…win win!

Animals! Matching Game: This is a colorful spin on a classic memory matching game. The 72 durable cards (36 matches) reveal all kinds of colorful critters, like toucans, snails, and hippos! Make a smaller selection for beginners, or play them all for a challenge.

It Sounds Like Your Worst Nightmare (But It Isn’t): Lego-Shaped Slippers

Lego Slippers

Source: Think Geek

The greatest fear on the Internet – stepping on a Lego brick, just got taken to a whole new level, but it’s not as scary as you might think.

Although Lego slippers sound like the interwebs edition of iron maiden torture device, they are in fact a rather comfy set of footwear to get your tootsies into. Coming under the official name of Building Brick Slippers, Lego slippers serve as a necessary protection against stepping on a real thing. Continue reading

Slipper Sunbed

Slipper-Shaped Sunbeds: This Summer’s Craziest Invention

The summer is coming, so it’s time to lay off the hard work and get some swimming done! And after you treated yourself with a good dive or two, there’s nothing better than an instant switch to lazy mode and a few minutes to just soak up some sun on the sunbed.

Slipper Sunbed

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Posh Pet Bed pEi Pod

Two peas in a pEi Pod

Two peas in a pEi Pod

“I am very little. Careful! Don’t step on me. You never have to walk me. I don’t bark. I don’t ask for much, but just because your shoe box says Jimmy Choo doesn’t mean I want to sleep in it.”

So reads the copy for the pEi Petite – a small round egg for your pet rabbit to sleep in. Inspired by a doodle of a happy cat emerging from an egg, pEi Pods are meant to imitate the cave-like sanctuaries animals love without disturbing the feng shui of their human’s living space.

Lap of of cat luxury

Lap of of cat luxury

What do you think? Are these animal beds purrrfect, or over the top? Let us know in the comments.

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(HEAVY) Hop Art at the Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada is known for being a “hotbed of culture”. During a recent stay there, one of our FH2P editors noticed a eye-catching collection of hop art out on the roof.

'Concreatures' on the roof of the Drake Hotel

‘Concreatures’ on the roof of the Drake Hotel

(Image Source: Drake Hotel website)

The collection, ‘Concreatures at My Window’ is by Toronto-born artist Ross Bonfanti are made by casting the insides of plush animals dolls.

Hello, there!

Hello, there!

The result of his artistic manipulation is a piece that emotionally engages us with memories of stuffed childhood friends. However, while their concrete form literally ‘solidifies’ these memories for us, there’s something about the transformation from colorful plush to hard stone that’s a little unnerving.

I'm not even sure what this one is.

I’m not even sure what this one is.

So, folks – is it cute, creepy, or just the right amount of both?

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Pinsperational Bunny Crafts

About a week ago, we posted this simple rabbit-related D.I.Y project on our Facebook.  What started as an innocent crafting curiosity soon became a crafting frenzy, and we realized there was only one place to go that would quench our thirst for cute do-it-yourself, bunny-earred curios: Pinterest.  We’ve scoured the “online pin-board” photo sharing site for our favorite bunny crafts, and came up with 5 favorites. (Click on the images to go to the blog post for instructions, &c.)

For those of you with sewing chops, might I suggest this sitting bunny plush from Mairuru

For those of you with sewing chops, might I suggest this sitting bunny plush from Mairuru

Is anyone else's mouth watering just looking at this project from the Mommy Savers archive?

Is anyone else’s mouth watering just looking at this project from the Mommy Savers archive?

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Hare Raising Rabbit Artwork: An Interview With Victor Huang

We love cute stuff, we love weird stuff (uh, have you seen our Cthulhu slippers?), and we love rabbits. So when we happened upon the hop art of toymaker Victor Huang, we knew we had to feature his work on From Hop to Pop. Lucky for us, Victor is not only quick on the draw email-wise, but also a super neat guy.

When you’re finish reading the interview, be sure to check out his Vickangaroo Etsy Store or his website, Vickangaroo Toy Company.

Cutey widdle cuddwy bunnies!

Cutey widdle cuddwy bunnies!

H2P: If you could be so kind, would you tell us a bit about yourself (age, location, artistic background)?

VH: I am twenty-four years old, located in Chicago, Illinois. In November 2007, I taught myself how to sew and have since been challenging myself and attempting to advance my skills as a toymaker. I am also an aspiring printmaker and illustrator.

H2P: Can you talk about the significance of the rabbit as a muse? How did this develop and what triggered it?

VH: I was born in 1987, which according to the Chinese zodiac is the year of the rabbit. Compassionate, creative and ambitious are traits of rabbits in the zodiac and I’d like to imagine that there is some truth to the description. I am certain that I would not be who I am today if it were not for Bugs Bunny; not only the cartoon character but also the twelve inch tall stuffed toy version that has stood as a friend and accomplice for my entire childhood. He has survived torn limbs and ears and while others have gotten lost he has traversed the country at my side. He now sits comfortably in line with the half dozen other stuffed animals, retelling the same stories to his compatriots for the last decade. It may be time for him to see the world once more!

"Hey, man, what's wrong? You're looking a little green..."

“Hey, man, what’s wrong? You’re looking a little green…”

H2P: Likewise, is there something about the rabbit in particular that you value (as opposed to other animals)?
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