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Slips, Quips & Slippers

The Freudian slip is an error in memory or speech due to intruding unconscious wishes, conflicts, or trains of thoughts repressed by the super ego.¬† It has been said that a freudian slip is where you say one thing and … Continue reading

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Bunny Myth: Was Bugs Bunny Voice Actor Allergic to Carrots?

An urban myth has been circulating the cartoon domain for quite some time, claiming that the Bugs Bunny voice actor, legendary Mel Blanc, was in fact allergic to carrots. We did some research and now present you with the truth. … Continue reading

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WATCH: Highlights From The 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival

Source: Walker Art Center Brand new on the Internet this very week: a video recap of the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival, hosted earlier this summer at the Minnesota State Fair. Included in the video are appearances by some of … Continue reading

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Hop ’til You Drop

Our annual Black Friday-slash-Cyber Monday sale has been activated! Save a whopping 20% with coupon code TURKEY20, from now thru the end of Monday (November 26th). Enter it at checkout to activate the discount! Shop now ———> Contact us: … Continue reading

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Bunnies Breaking Bad (And The Humans That Love Them): An Interview With The Editor Of Bunny Shaming

One of our favorite new feeds for rabbit content is Bunny Shaming, a Facebook page that mixes confessional captions with bunny portraits (some unsuspecting, others willfully mischievous), all to hilarious effect. We featured this phenomenon previously, but so smitten, in … Continue reading

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Insects and Rodents and Reptiles: Oh my!

At From Hop 2 Pop, we strive to collect and share with you the cutest animal lists, pics, and videos ¬†that the internet has to offer. What that typically means is we post a lot of fuzzy, slow moving creatures, … Continue reading

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