Shopping for a Corgi Lover? Check out our Gift Guide!

Nothing’s cuter than a Corgi…from their short li’l legs, to their giant ears, to their fluffy, floofy, poofy butts!!! If you’re a Corgi lover, or are shopping for one, check out our roundup of gifts that are *almost* as cute as the real thing!

  1. Corgi Slippers: These adorable house slippers look just like a pair of Pembroke Welsh Corgis… they’re so comfy they’ll make you feel like a queen! (Or king!)
  2. Corgi Marshmallows: Corgi Marshmallows?!?! CORGI MARSHMALLOWS!!! We can hardly believe these exist… they’re absolutely perfect.
  3. Personalized Corgi Keychain: If a Corgi holds the key to your heart… you need a Corgi keychain. We love that this one can be personalized with an initial!
  4. Welsh Corgi Baseball Hat: We love this cap with a subtle, embroidered Corgi face… for those occasions when you want to proclaim your Corgi love in a sophisticated way.
  5. Corgi Tote Bag: If you can’t take your Corgi everywhere you go… you can at least take your Corgi tote bag. We love this adorable black and white photo and how it captures a joyful expression!
  6. We Hope You Like Corgis Doormat: Let your visitors know exactly what to expect when they arrive… that Corgis rule the house!
  7. Corgi Ceramic Planter Pot: If you are lucky enough to know a Corgi Mom (or Dad) who’s also a Plant Mom (or Dad), this gift is a real slam dunk… combining both loves into one adorable planter!
  8. Corgi Butt Floor Pillow: This comfy floor pillow is almost as soft and floofy as a, well, a Corgi Butt! With an allover Corgi Butt print, it will be beloved by both people and pups alike.