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Hey all you slipper fans! It’s time to get excited because we have started our annual Summer Sale! We have over 2 dozen styles in our summer sale lineup, and they’re waiting to keep your toes toasty!

We have discounts up to 40% off so be sure to check it out. The sale ends on Sunday, August 30 so be sure to grab your favorite styles while they’re available! Hop on over to the Summer Sale page and meet your new favorite footwear!

Summer Haircuts for your Pet

With summer temperatures on the rise, our pets deserve a reprieve. We’ve gathered a handful of hilarious haircuts to help get your pet through the dog (and cat) days of summer!

The Lion

lion-cat        lion_dog-300x300

Whether you have a dog or a cat, a very popular summer haircut is the Lion! Shaving off the majority of your pets fur is bound to help them cool off during the heat of the season. Some owners choose to shave off all but the mane, while others go so far as to include the tufts of fur at the tail and around the paws. This cat doesn’t seem too happy, but it looks like the dog is thrilled to play dress up!

The Stegosaurus


Send you pet back to prehistoric eras with this Stegosaurus cut! It looks pretty involved, and not easy to accomplish, but it’s sure to leave your pet cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside. A plus is that the spikes aren’t sharp, and your pet isn’t extinct!

The Mohawk


It’s a style that never seems to go, well, out of style! The mohawk looks great on people and pets alike! This unique haircut has the benefit of keeping your pet cool and comfortable while still allowing you to pet that luxurious coat you’re used to! Some owners trim the tail, too, keeping the fur just along the back. No matter which cut you choose, your pet will be the coolest on the block.

Puss in Ugg Boots


Summer is definitely not the season to be walking around in shearling lined boots. But, this cat can get away with it! How adorable is this haircut? Similar to the Lion, but with a little less mane, this haircut is sure to accent your pet’s style. Your animal will definitely feel a lot cooler, both socially and temperature-wise!



Whether you live in Scandinavia or not, everyone loves a good pair of Lederhosen! This dog is a good sport when it comes to his apparel. If you give your pet this incredible cut, you’ll yodel with laughter every time you look at him. Guaranteed to raise a laugh and lower the temperature, the Lederhosen cut is a win-win!

Bunny Bonus!

wallyThis is a traditional buzz cut on a not-so-traditional animal! This incredibly adorable bunny is an Angora Rabbit. Historically prized for their luxurious long fur, Angoras are said to be softer than cashmere! It’s more about comfort for this little guy! Close cropped and too cute for words, we couldn’t have an animal post without highlighting a bunny.!

If you have a pet, or even if you don’t, we hoped you enjoyed seeing and reading about what some owners do to help their animals stay cool and comfy in the summer!



The Best Bunny Books


Rabbits make regular appearances throughout literature. From folklore to baby’s first board book, bunnies often teach us lessons and have become some of the most popular characters in our favorite books. We’re excited to share our collection of favorite stories and books that feature bunnies at the heart of it all.

Goodnight Moon



This wildly popular children’s book has spawned countless spinoffs. The “Goodnight” series can be found for almost all popular cities and Goodnight Moon has been printed in numerous languages. Who is saying “goodnight” to us all? A little bunny of course! Getting tucked into bed, our little bunny is wishing the world a good night’s sleep.

Guess How Much I Love Youguess-how-much-i-love-you

In this book, a simple storyline follows a heartfelt connection between two nutbrown hares. Using exceedingly large measures of love, the two bunnies share an undeniable bond that has captured the hearts of kids and adults everywhere.

Br’er Rabbit


Br’er Rabbit is a cunning character of oral Folklore, whose exploits rely on wit rather than brawn. A staple in the stories of the American South, Br’er Rabbit can also be traced to African trickster tales, along with Native American stories about tricky rabbits! In the late 1800’s, Joel Chandler Harris popularized Br’er rabbit for the public, publishing stories that had only been passed down verbally. Br’er Rabbit uses his sly and cunning mentality to shift social expectations and usually succeeds un getting out of some sticky situations. Harris’ Uncle Remus tells the stories of this ornery but lovable bunny.

Peter Rabbit


The Tale of Peter Rabbit follows a curious young bunny as he journeys into his neighbor’s garden to eat vegetables! Not only does he adventure out against his mother’s wishes, Peter manages to lose his coat and come down with a cold. Created by Beatrix Potter in the early 1900’s, the tales of Peter Rabbit span multiple books, have been widely accepted as a staple in children’s literature, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit has been translated into over 30 languages! A wide following and a sense of adventure make us love this little bunny.

The Velveteen Rabbit



Arguably the most iconic book concerning a bunny, The Velveteen Rabbit has been a staple in children’s nurseries since the 1920’s. This book teaches us about life and love, and the devotion of one poor, sick little boy. This story follows a stuffed rabbit and his quest to become real, through the love of his owner. The Velveteen Rabbit is both heartwarming and sad, as it teaches us to deal with both love and loss.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Bunny Book roundup! Whether you’ve been reminded of some forgotten favorites, or discovered new stories, that concludes the Best Bunny Books!


Animals Swim to Beat the Heat

With temperatures rising, we aren’t the only ones looking for ways to cool off!

Animals need relief too! We’ve rounded up some of the cutest videos showing animals taking a dip in some unlikely places!

This baby elephant is having a ball chasing waves (and sometimes getting caught) on a beach in Thailand. Our hearts melted as we watched this over and over!

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Fun & Awesome Kids Slippers

Every kid needs a fun pair of slippers! (Or two, or three…) Our collection of kids slippers has a wide range of styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that your little one will love romping around the house in. Keep reading to see some of our favorite slippers for kids!

Kids Classic Bunny Slippers

Our Kids Classic Bunny Slippers are a perennial favorite here at, and we’re positive that you and your child will love them as much as we do. These slippers have adjustable ears, a tail, and a sweet bunny face complete with whiskers.

Kids Dog Slippers

Our Kids Dog Slippers are sure to become a favorite with your child. The sweet dog face design with floppy ears adds to the appeal of these soft and cozy slippers, and of course, the non-slip soles will keep your little one upright as they scamper around the house.

Kids Green Dinosaur Feet

As modeled by Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple, our awesome Kids Green Dinosaur Feet Slippers are great for home red carpets everywhere! These fun dino feet feature a scaly design on the plush exterior and will definitely provide your kids with hours of entertainment and dress up.

Kids Owl Slouch

Your kid will think you’re the wisest parent around when you give them these Owl Slouch Slippers. With coverage for their feet and ankles, they’ll stay toasty warm, and non-slip soles make sure they won’t be slipping and sliding everywhere.

Kids Fuzzy Duck Slippers

Your duckling will love these Kids Fuzzy Duck Slippers! Fun, fuzzy fabric and a cute duck face design make these slippers too irresistible to pass up.

Kids Horse Slippers

Let your little cowboy or cowgirl ride off into comfort in these Kids Horse Slippers. Soft and fuzzy, our slippers will keep their hooves warm and cozy, with non-slip soles to help them stay on their feet while they gallop.

Kids Lion Slouch Slippers

Give your cub cozy paws with our Kids Lion Slouch Slippers. These slippers cover your child’s feet and ankles, and feature an adorable lion design complete with a fuzzy mane!

Our Favorite Toddler Slippers for Kids

This week we’re excited to spotlight our collection of Toddler Slippers! We have a great selection of styles, ranging from cute to cuddly to funny, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for the toddler in your life. Keep reading to learn more about our awesome slippers for toddlers and small children!

Toddlers Cheetah Slippers

Your speedy little cub will love these Toddlers Cheetah Slippers! Featuring an adorable cheetah design, non-slip soles, and an elastic strap to keep them on your little one’s feet, these slippers are sure to become a favorite in your home.

Toddlers Orange Tiger Paw Slippers

These Orange Tiger Paw Slippers are a fun, stripy choice for your toddler. Let them romp around the house in comfort and style!

Toddlers Pink Monster Feet Slippers

Add some whimsy and fantasy to your little one’s wardrobe: these Toddlers Pink Monster Feet Slippers are adorable and fun, making playtime that much more magical. Great for dress up or just wearing around the house.

Toddlers Moose Slippers

Keep their feet warm no matter where they roam! Our Toddlers Moose Slippers are sure to keep them cozy while they explore, with non-slip soles and an elastic stirrup strap to make sure they stay on.

Toddlers Blue Creature Feet Slippers

Our adorable and fun Toddlers Blue Creature Feet Slippers will make everyone smile. With brown furry “toes” and shiny blue nails, these comfy slippers will make a delightful addition to your little one’s shoe collection.

Toddlers Duck Feet Slippers

Let your duckling waddle around in style in these Toddlers Duck Feet Slippers. These slippers feature soft fuzzy yellow “fur” and a cozy lining, to keep your child’s feet toasty warm.

Toddlers Tiger Slippers

Help your little one show their stripes in these adorable Toddlers Tiger Slippers! With a sweet tiger design, non-slip soles, and an ankle strap for security, these slippers are sure to delight your toddler and keep the whole family smiling.

Cute Baby Booties for Kids

Have you seen our collection of kids slippers? We’re proud to offer a wide selection of slippers for children of all ages, from babies to school-aged kids. Today we’re highlighting our adorable baby booties! You’re sure to find a pair or two for the little one in your life: read on to learn more about some of our favorite baby slippers.

Cat Baby Booties

Your little one will love these adorable Cat Baby Booties! The velour booties are soft and cuddly, and even feature a rattle in each toe.

Cheetah Baby Booties

Keep your cub’s toes comfortable in a pair of our Cheetah Baby Booties. These cozy cheetah print booties feature a darling design with ears and a tail, as well as non-slip soles for your little one’s stability.

Monkey Baby Booties

When your baby’s on the move, keep their feet wrapped up in these cozy Monkey Baby Booties. Featuring a fun monkey design with ears and a tail, these slippers are sure to delight you and your little monkey!

Frog Baby Booties

These Frog Baby Booties are perfect for your little prince or princess. Cozy soft velour and rattles in each toe make these booties an excellent choice for every baby!

Cow Baby Booties

Bring some barnyard fun to your little one’s feet in these Cow Baby Booties! The booties combine an adorable holstein cow print with ears and a tail to make the cutest slippers on the farm.

Tiger Baby Booties

Let your cub show their stripes in these sweet Tiger Baby Booties. With ears, a tail, and stylish tiger print, these booties will make your baby the cutest cat around!

Giraffe Baby Booties

Bring your baby’s feet to the savannah in these adorable Giraffe Baby Booties. These slippers feature ears, a tail, and non-slip soles to keep your little one upright and stable.

Flamingo Baby Booties

These fun and funky Flamingo Baby Booties are sure to put a smile on the whole family’s faces! Featuring adjustable ankle closures, these slippers are bright, cheerful, and perfect for your little chick.

Duck Baby Booties

Your little duckling will love these Duck Baby Booties! Cuddly velour will keep their toes warm, and the rattles in the toes will keep them entertained.

Moose Baby Booties

How cute are our Moose Baby Booties? With a design that includes antlers and a tail, your little one will be cozy and warm in these sweet booties.

Awesome Pajamas for Lazy Summer Days

School’s out for the summer! For the kids, that means long days of camps, activities, and adventures, and while the adults may not have as much freedom, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some much-needed relaxation. Lounge, sleep, and enjoy the season in our expanded collection of pajamas!

Cheetah Pajama Top and Pants

This Cheetah Pajama Top and matching Cheetah Capris are purr-fect for warm weather! Featuring a cheetah print design on soft 100% cotton, these pajamas are cute and comfortable, so you won’t be tossing and turning all night.

Catching Zzzs Zebra Pajama Top and Pants

Catching some ZZZs will be easy in this adorable pajama set. The Zebra Pajama Top features a fun design and raw edges for your comfort, while the Zebra Pajama Pants are soft and capri-length for the higher temperatures.

Deep Sleeper Whale Pajama Top and Pants

Slip into our Whale Pajama Top and Whale Pajama Pants, and you’ll be on your way to a deep sleep in no time! The adorable top features a nautical theme, and the coordinating pants even have a pocket: great for keeping your items close while lounging around on a lazy weekend morning.

Cat Nap Pajama Top and Pants

Whether you’re taking a cat nap or settling in for a longer snooze, you’re sure to love the comfort and fun style of our Cat Nap Pajama Top and Cat Nap Pajama Pants. The coordinating set features adorable cat designs, and the pants have a pocket for those things that you just can’t sleep without.

Pasture Bedtime Horse Pajama Top and Pants

Ride off into dreamland in this cozy and cute Horse Pajama Top and Horse Pajama Pants set. The top features a charming striped design with a horse, and the coordinating pants have a roomy, relaxed fit for your comfort.

Fuzzy Gifts for Dad

We’re in the last week of our Father’s Day Sale! If you’re looking for a gift that will make Dad’s feet happy, you’re going to want to take a look.

Bulldog Slippers

Even the gruffest of dads won’t be able to resist these awesome Bulldog Slippers. These pups are comfy, warm, and the perfect gift for the dad whose best friend has four paws, a wet nose, and a tail.

Hippo Slippers

Dad will be swimming in comfort in our Hippo Slippers! These hippos will keep his feet nice and cozy when he wants some time to unwind from a long day on the river (or wherever else he might have been).

Shark Slippers

Fans of Shark Week will definitely want to have these Shark Slippers handy when this year’s event comes around. Let Dad settle in for a Sharknado marathon this summer with a pair of sharks on his feet!

Buffalo Slippers

He’ll feel like he can wander the prairie in these plush Buffalo Slippers. Whether he’s home on the range or somewhere else, he’ll enjoy these fun slippers!

Domo Glasses Slippers

Let Dad get in touch with his hipster side with our Domo Glasses Slippers. The Japan Broadcasting Corporation mascot now has a second job: keeping Dad’s feet comfy and cozy.

Godzilla Slippers

These Godzilla Slippers are the perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad who likes to laugh. Let him stomp around the house knocking over toy buildings while wearing these slippers, and reconnect him with his childhood.

Moose Slippers

If he’s the type who favors a cooler climate, he’ll love our Moose Slippers. With awesome details like antlers and dewlaps, these slippers will keep Dad’s feet nice and cozy.

Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

He might just go back into hibernation if you give him these super comfy Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers. These awesome bear paw slippers ensure that his feet will always be cozy, even if he can’t be napping.

Star Wars Wampa Slippers

If he’s a fan of Star Wars, he’ll be a fan of our Star Wars Wampa Slippers. These fuzzy slippers are sure to keep his toes toasty during a marathon of his favorite Star Wars sagas.