Easter Basket Ideas for a Teenage Boy (That Aren’t Candy)

Are you planning an Easter Basket for a teen boy this year?  We’ve put together a gift guide that focuses on fun and useful gifts he’ll enjoy all year round.

  1. Dino Feet Slippers with Sound:  Maybe your teenager isn’t into Bunny Slippers…but he’ll love these roaring dinos!
  2. Tuxedo Tee: Sure to make him laugh!
  3. Frisbee: Available at most sporting goods stores, a frisbee is always a hit!
  4. Multi Tool: Help him channel his inner MacGyver with a multi-tool.  This Brass Credit Card Tool is small enough to fit in a wallet!
  5. Rubik’s Cube: This classic brain teaser is available at most toy and game stores, and provides hours of (non-screen-time) fun.
  6. Playing Cards: Learn a new game together!
  7. Power Bank: Make sure his devices never run out of juice with a portable, re-chargeable power bank.

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