Easter Basket Ideas for Preschool Kids (That Aren’t Candy)

Easter is right around the corner and it’s never too early for you, ahem, I mean the Easter Bunny, to start planning those Easter Baskets!  We’ve put together some of our favorite non-candy picks for a fun and educational Easter Basket for preschool aged kids.  While we all love candy and plastic eggs…these are some gifts that will last all year long (without the sugar rush).

  1.  Kids Classic Bunny Slippers:  Your little one will love these sweet bunnies!  They’re both fun and festive for the holiday, and cozy all year round.
  2. Activity Book:  Once the little ones move past the board books stage, activity books are a great way for them to interact and use some fine motor skills.  We especially love Let’s Bake a Cake, an activity book that goes through all the steps of making a cake!
  3. Educational Art Cards:  Flash cards are a fun way to learn letters, numbers, colors, and animals.  These Number Flash Cards feature the beautiful artwork of Eric Carle, full of colorful animals.
  4. Egg Crayons:  The shape makes them both easy to hold, and perfect for Easter!  Egg crayons can be found in a lot of craft and gift stores, and we especially love this Eco-friendly Soy/Beeswax Set.
  5. Brain Builder Peg Set: This fun and colorful open-ended toy challenges your little one’s creative problem solving.
  6. Sunprint Kit: This paper changes color when exposed to sunlight, and can be used to make all kinds of creative projects…like making images of new spring flowers and leaves.
  7. Best Pals’ Diner Pretend Play Set:  This set comes with everything your little one needs to create a pretend restaurant–inspiring hours of creative play.

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