Favorite Nintendo Characters for Mario Day

Today is Mario Day! Why today? Take a closer look at today’s date: MAR10!

To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Mario and Nintendo characters— and their corresponding slippers!

How could Mario himself not be on the top of this list? From appearing in numerous video games to merchandise including slippers, Mario has made himself an iconic figure in the video game industry. Happy Mario Day, Mario!

Donkey Kong transformed his ways from his first appearance in the Donkey Kong arcade game to become a hero, beloved by many.

Bowser may be a villain, but he’s one of the most sophisticated villains there is. You love to hate him: how could he not make our list?

What is Mario without his brother Luigi? Luigi may be a bit of an underdog, but we still think he’s awesome.

Tanooki Mario is a special guy, and his tail and ears are just plain cute.

Mario’s friend Yoshi is one of the best sidekicks ever! Who else would help you find hidden objects and let you ride him around?

“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!” Sound familiar? Toad and his fellow Mushroom Kingdom citizens are too cute to leave off our list, and so are our mushroom slippers.

Everyone loves Pikachu! The iconic face of the Pokemon franchise makes an appearance in a few of Nintendo’s other games, and even has a pair of slippers.