Slippers Guide: Slippers for Dog Lovers

Dog Slippers

We may be a blog all about bunnies, but we also happen to adore cute puppies. Therefore, we’ll share a dose of our dog-living spirit by recommending all you canine fans out there some of the finest dog slippers the interwebs have to offer. No matter which doggie might happen to be your favorite, we probably got just the perfect thing. So let’s venture on, shall we?

Dalmatian Slippers

dalmatian slippers

We’ll kick it off with your favorite polka-dot Disney heroes, all 101 of them if you want. A highly-distinctive dog breed – cute, brave, athletic and well-behaving, these guys were a must for our slipper collection.

Get Dalmatian Slippers

Poodle Slippers

poodle slippers

Including those adorable pink ribbons, poodle slippers come as a perfect gift for your girlfriend. Did you know that poodles rank as a favorite dog breed among females? Well, now you do, so take that into consideration while thinking about that gift.

Get Poodle Slippers

Husky Slippers

husky slippers

Epitomizing kindness and bravery, huskies are a breed you’re bound to love and cherish, just like this set of cool slippers. Among other things, huskies are also known for their ability to keep warm, just like our slippers.

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Fuzzy Sock Slippers

fuzzy dog slippers┬áSpicing it up with a dose of fuzziness, these fuzzy dog slippers are perfect for winter season as they’ll keep both your feet and ankles warm and toasty. And as you might notice, the guys are as adorable as they can get.

Get Fuzzy Dog Slippers

Bulldog Slippers

bulldog slippers

Rounding it up with another classic dog breed, bulldog slippers come as yet another perfect gift for canine fans. Warm-coated, protective and kind, they’ll guard your tootsies like true castle protectors.

Get Bulldog Slippers

Another week, another set of awesome slippers. As always, thanks for sticking around and we’ll see you in about seven days for yet another round of stylish flip-flops.

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