Start Your Holiday Shopping On The Right Foot: Black Friday & Cyber Monday


After the turkey’s eaten, the dishes cleared, and friends and family departed, Thanksgiving gives way to another great American tradition: Black Friday.

This year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is offering exclusive savings for holiday shoppers. Continue reading

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Bedtime At Cute O’Clock: Animals in Pajamas

To kick off our arrival of awesome line of pajamas, we’ve assembled a collection of the cutest animals in pajamas from around the internet. Tuck yourself in for this collection and prepare to have a cuter REM cycle.

Source: CuteCubed

Source: CuteCubed

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Find The Perfect Holiday Gift With Our Slipper Selector

Finding the perfect pair of slippers can be hard. It’s tough to decide when you have lots of options, like when you’re faced with the many different designs on This year, we’re happy to announce that we can help you make up your mind, with the Slipper Selector app!

Our new web-based app—no smartphone or download required—helps you find the best pair of slippers for your family and friends with a fun quiz. All you need to do is answer a few questions based on the recipient’s interests, and the app will suggest slippers that your loved one might enjoy.

Are you trying to find a great gift for your baby niece or nephew? Do you want to give your child slippers without spoiling the surprise? Maybe your mom enjoys cute things but you’re having a hard time deciding what pair of slippers she’d like best. Never fear: the Slipper Selector is here to help!

Spread warmth and smiles this holiday season by giving your friends and family the gift of warm feet. Use the Bunny Slippers Slipper Selector to discover great gift ideas for every kid and adult. Check it out today!

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Fall Arrivals: New Boot Slippers

Some days call for a little extra warmth. has you covered, with our new line of Boot Slippers!

These new Boot Slippers are available in three fun designs: black bear, panda, and penguin. No matter which adorable animal you choose to adorn your toes, your feet and ankles will be toasty warm.

Featuring a velcro closure at the top, our Boot Slippers will stay snug around your ankles, so there’s no fear of them falling down. The soles are non-slip and sturdy, too, ensuring these slippers will be in your wardrobe for years to come.

Boot Slippers are sure to come in handy for the winter weather ahead, so pick up a pair today!

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An Animal and A Gentleman: 13 Mustachioed Animals For Movember

Movember is in full swing, and men are busy growing out their mustaches to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research. This movement is different than No-Shave-November, which encourages participants to grow full beards in support of cancer patients and donate to the American Cancer Society.

For many participants in these month-long challenges, this is the one month where they set their razors down and let their hair grow. However, for some of our furry friends, Movember is year round! Check out these dapper animals and their fantastic mustaches:

This little kitten will certainly grow into his spectacular mustache. (via Imgur)

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Bunny Fall Fashion: Scarves Edition

If you’re a big fan of cozy clothes, fall and winter are the best seasons of the year, because you can bundle yourself up in a big, warm scarf every day. These bunnies are just like you: they love anything that will keep them warm and toasty, especially if it’s knitted. Check out how these bunny fashionistas are styling their cold weather wear!

This bunny enjoys snuggling up by the fire with a cup of tea, the Harry Potter book series, and a cozy Gryffindor scarf. (via The Daily Bunny) Continue reading

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The Definitive Halloween Candy Food Pyramid: A Guide to Candy Consumption


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Hop to Pop wants to make sure that you have the safest, healthiest, most gratifying Halloween as possible. So we put together an easy guide to getting the recommended Hallows Eve allowance of sugary treats. Whether you’re giving out candy or demanding it at the door, we need to make sure that we all get the correct distribution. There’s no telling what maladies can occur if you only have sour treats or gummies, a solid base of chocolate must be in place before we start clamoring for apples. And of course, there are people out there not getting enough candy. For the sake of the children, leave no bag unfilled!

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Something Adorable This Way Comes: 25 Pet Halloween Costumes

We all love dressing up in costumes for Halloween, but as pet owners know, that’s only half the fun! Why should our furry friends have to miss out on the festivities? While an animal doesn’t need to wear a costume, the more patient pets have sported some amazing costumes, both hilarious and adorable.

We’ve rounded up 25 fantastic animal Halloween costumes: check them out!

Ah, the seal pug, a rare beach creature! Enjoys sniffing things and lying on your couch. (via Imgur) Continue reading

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13 Carved Pumpkins For The Cutest Halloween Ever

Halloween is a spooky time of year, and many people go all out with decorations, costumes, and celebrations. While the trend in recent years has shifted towards the extremely scary or creepy, that doesn’t mean you have to join in if you prefer a cuter, more cuddly style!

A great way to raise your “cute factor” is through your Jack O’Lanterns! People have become very creative with their designs, carving intricate faces, recreating favorite movie characters, and even carving pumpkins to look like every dog breed imaginable.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a cuter Halloween season, we’ve rounded up 13 of the cutest carved pumpkins around the Internet: keep reading to see them all!

via Reader’s Digest Continue reading

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The Bunny Slippers Ghost Hunt: Winners!

Thank you to all who participated in our Ghost Hunt! We hope you enjoyed taking part in our Halloween fun. Three ghosts managed to escape unnoticed, but five of you spotted a ghost hiding where it shouldn’t be: good job!

Congratulations to our sharp-eyed winners:
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