Anticipating Comic-Con: Comic Book Slippers Guide

Comic Book Slippers

With this year’s comic-book alpha and omega event just around the corner – yes, it’s Comic-Con 2014 we’re talking about – we decided to delve into the geeky domain for a little while and bring you a collection of the finest comic book slippers the web has to offer. Continue reading

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Celeb Weirdness: 10 Odd Celebrity Pets

Weird Celebrity Pets

Celebrities are a peculiar sort, so much is well known. But what we’re about to focus on today are celebrity pets, the odd ones to be precise. Whether it’s anteaters, pigs or kangaroos, these guys are just off their rockers. Check ‘em all out below! Continue reading

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MLB All-Star: Baseball Slippers Guide

Baseball Slippers

Marking this year’s All-Star game in MLB, we decided to bring you guys something extra special – a baseball-themed edition of our traditional Slippers Guide! As always, we come prepared, so make sure to check out what we have to offer below. Continue reading

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Music Festival Fashion: Four Style Profiles For Every Festival

Daily Mail

So you’re going to a music festival. No longer just about the music and the star-studded lineups, outdoor festivals have become opportunities to show off your personal style. Don the standard crop top and cutoffs, or go completely EDM and rock an animal hood and tutu: it’s entirely up to you. We’ve compiled a guide to some of the basic types of music festival fashion you’re likely to see at your next festival, whether it be Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Electric Zoo. Continue reading

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HRN Week: Partners With Bunny Rescue

This week is a very special week here at! In partnership with the House Rabbit Network, a bunny rescue based in New England, we’re very pleased to present House Rabbit Network Week.

HRN July Bunny of the Month, Jaxx Continue reading

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4th of July: Cutest Animals Celebrating Independence Day

Cute Animals July 4

It’s hard that you’ve missed it, but today’s Independence Day! And we have a slightly different was of celebrating 4th of July – with the cutest, fuzziest collection of animal photos the web has to offer, Bunny Slippers style. We know you’re busy today and therefore won’t take away much of your time with chit-chat – the gallery’s right below. Enjoy and happy 4th of July! Continue reading

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Cuteness Overload: Cutest Animals Relaxing

Cute Animals Relaxing

Cuteness overload is back! And for this week’s returning edition, we have in store for you the cutest gallery the web can offer. It’s summer time – vacations, holidays, school breaks, in one word – relaxation. Check out the gallery of cutest animals ever just relaxing and hanging about! Continue reading

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Celebrating National Pink Day: Pink Slippers!

Pink Slippers

For those of you that didn’t know, today (June 23) is celebrated what is widely known as the National Pink Day! Continue reading

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Slippers for the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing! Soccer (or football) fans around the world are busy cheering their hearts out for their country’s team. Here at, we’ve compiled a selection of animal slippers representing some of the participating countries. We can’t all be in Brazil, but with these slippers, you can support your favorite team from the comfort of your own couch! Continue reading

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