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Norman Reedus, Bunny Slipper Enthusiast!

One doesn’t normally associate zombies with slippers (sure, stranger things have happened…), but actor Norman Reedus, arguably the biggest star of AMC’s sprawling, soap opera zomcom, The Walking Dead, is an unabashed proponent. To wit, the image embedded below, which … Continue reading

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HOP ART: Let’s Call A Spade A Spade…

Blackjack and bunnies — two of our favorite things here at From Hop To Pop — double down in an excellent new t-shirt design spun around a literal and punny approximation of the humble jack rabbit. Get it for $20 … Continue reading

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Purring Cats That Give Sleepy Hugs Are The Best Kind Of Cats

Today, in interspecies cuddles: watch as the bright orange kitty vampire slowly drains a Russian man of his life force. The money shot comes early at the :16 second mark, when the camera zooms in close to reveal a purring … Continue reading

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LOL: Animals Halloweening This Year As Bunnies

Our friends at The Pet Collective have cobbled together an excellent gallery of animals dressed as bunnies (cue the reminder that Halloween is now 8 days away…). Embedded below are three of our faves — a snake (like srsly?), a … Continue reading

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SCIENTISTS AGREE: This Is The World’s Fluffiest Bunny

Today, in awesome stuff on the Internet: this fluffy bunny, a blizzard of white wool with only the faintest traces of a face (oh, it’s there though, you just have to work for it). Where did it come from? What … Continue reading

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WATCH: Highlights From The 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival

Source: Walker Art Center Brand new on the Internet this very week: a video recap of the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival, hosted earlier this summer at the Minnesota State Fair. Included in the video are appearances by some of … Continue reading

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Hop Art: Dancing Hares, A Bronze Sculpture Featuring 3 Giant Rabbits

Today in rabbit-themed art: “Dancing Hares“, a bronze sculpture depicting three oversized bunnies busting a move and doing their best take on ’80s dance craze, the Roger Rabbit. Designed by Sophie Ryder, an artist based in London, the piece is … Continue reading

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It’s Monday! Let’s Celebrate With A Supercut Of Pandas On Slides [VIDEO]

Exactly like it sounds, this compilation of pandas tempting gravity on inclined planes is painfully adorbs. Watch it below! h/t Tastefully Offensive Contact us: travis [at]

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JUST STOP IT: Cats Rock Out, Drive Race Cars In Music Video

Funky cats, muscle cars, Michael Bay-caliber pyrotechnics: this is everything I’ve ever wanted in a music video. EVERYTHING! Contact us: travis [at]

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Grown Man In Diaper And Bunny Slippers Wanders Times Square

Today in curious: this man, an editor at Maxim magazine, regressing shamelessly back into childhood. Clad mostly in a diaper and our classic bunny slippers, he wanders aimlessly in Times Square, hamming it up with the locals, all for our… … Continue reading

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