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Follow our DIY Guides to Create a Fun and Comfy Halloween Costume! (Over 30 Ideas!)

Hop on over to our Costume Guide page, and get inspired to create your own DIY Halloween costume! We’ve got over thirty costume ideas, ranging from the spooky, to the funny, to the cute. And don’t worry about being uncomfortable this year… ALL these costumes include comfy cozy slippers!

Here are a few of this year’s favorite picks:

Whether you’re a fan of the original 1985 film, or the 2011 series, you, too, can transform yourself into a basketball-playing werewolf! Check out out full guide to create this Teen Wolf costume.

Elle Woods took Harvard Law by storm (What…like it’s hard?!) and now you can channel her fabulously litigious style… complete with two Bruisers! Read the full guide to get the look!

Where my Holmies at?! You can transform yourself into the famed detective, with a cloak, a hat, a pipe, and some help from two crime-sniffing Beagle Slippers. But how, you ask? Solving this mystery is easy: check out the full guide!

If Sherlock, Elle, and Teen Wolf aren’t your style… peruse our entire collection of ooky and spooky, funny and fuzzy, legendary and culinary Costume Guides!

Congratulations to our Photo Caption Contest Winners!

We asked our friends and fans to enter our 2021 Photo Caption Contest by writing a funny and unique caption to the photo above… and, WOW! You all made us LOL! Our dedicated team of caption-readers had the honor of reading every entry…and we somehow were able to narrow it down to three winners. (It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it!)

Let’s get started! We’d like to present our Third Place entry, a twist on the classic “blame the dog” trope, submitted by Trung D. Congratulations, Trung, you have won the $25 gift certificate!

Moving right along, here is our illustrious Second Place winner, Bonnie S.! We all know dogs love to chew on slippers, but Pug Slippers gave this Pug second thoughts… Bonnie has won the $50 gift certificate!

And now, without further ado… here is our First Place winning caption, submitted by Amber B.! Amber has won the $100 gift certificate… Congratulations!

Please put your paws together for a round of applause for all our winners, and everybody who entered! Stay tuned for more fun contests in the future… you’re all winners to us!

P.S. If this contest has inspired you to get some Pug Slippers of your own… check them out here!

Enter our Photo Caption Contest to Win Free Slippers!

Hey you! Are you funny? Think you’ve got what it takes to create a meme-worthy photo caption? Well, it’s your time to shine! Enter our Photo Caption Contest for a chance to win free slippers! All you’ve gotta do is think of a funny and creative caption for the photo above, and you could win one of these three fabulous prizes:

First place prize: $100 gift certificate to

Second place prize: $50 gift certificate to

Third place prize: $25 gift certificate to

Best of all, EVERYBODY who answers will get a 20% off coupon to use on any order! What are you waiting for? Hop on over to our contest page and send us your best caption. Good luck!

Eight Adorable Gifts for Hedgehog Lovers

If you’re shopping for somebody who LOVES Hedgehogs, check out this fun Hedgie-inspired gift guide! We’ve gathered up our favorite picks that are sure to delight a Hedgehog Mom, Dad, or mega-fan. (And they’re all under $30!)

  1. Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers: With extra fluffy two-toned fur, tiny felt ears, and adorable upturned noses, these are the cutest Hedgehog slippers we’ve ever seen.
  2. Impossible Love Carry-All Pouch: Featuring a hopeful Hedgie trying to hug a balloon, this sweet little zipper pouch comes in three sizes…perfect for carrying all your li’l stuff!
  3. Hedgehog Succulent Planter: If somebody loves Hedgehogs AND plants…bingo! This adorable hedgehog planter is filled with colorful succulents.
  4. Walking Bouquet Art Print: This lovely art print features a Hedgehog with flowers in its spines… get it framed for an extra classy gift!
  5. Hedgehog Socks: These comfy socks feature lots of li’l Hedgies on a black background… so stylish!
  6. Hedgehog Folk Art Mug: Painted with colorful folk-art-inspired flowers, this mug features a tiny message inside that reminds you to “Enjoy the little things…”
  7. Hedgehog Enamel Pin: Pop this handsome black and gold pin on a lapel or bag, to stylishly proclaim your love of the Hedgie. (A portion of sales on this item benefit a Hedgehog Rescue…love it!)
  8. Realistic Hedgehog Patch: With immaculate detailing, this sew-on or iron-on patch looks just like a mini-Hedgehog.

Our Favorite Slippers for Summer!

Are your big fuzzy winter slippers feeling a little too hot for the warmer summer weather? Never fear, summer slippers are here! Now your feet can be both comfy and cool at the same time, thanks to our advanced open-toed slipper technology. Their slim silhouettes also make them ideal for throwing into a suitcase while traveling to your favorite destinations! Read on for some of our easy breezy summer slippers:

Bunny Spa Sandals: If you love Bunny Slippers, you need a pair just for summer! These adorable Bunny Spa Sandals are made in a flip-flop style, with embroidered features, whiskers, and posable ears.

Leopard Spa Slippers: Pamper your paws with these sassy slippers! Made with fabulously fuzzy teal uppers and leopard print foodbeds, their thick foam footbeds offer ultimate comfort.

Gray Bunny Hop Slippers: These chic and minimalist Gray Bunnies will make you feel extra glam! With velvety soft footbeds, bunny ears and tails, and a slide-on style, they’re perfect for feeling fancy all summer long. These also come in Pink!

Cheetah Slide Slippers: Meow! These lovely Cheetah slippers are made in an open-toed, criss-cross design, with cheetah (or is it leopard?) print plush.

Aqua Spa Slippers: These flip-flop style slippers bring the comfort and elegance of the spa directly to you! Made with soft aqua colored plush, memory foam footbeds, and bows on the toes.

Llama Spa Slippers: Who doesn’t love a llama!? These cheerful spa slippers feature llamas, wearing necklaces, gathered on a field of pink. Fabulously fuzzy white plush completes the look! Let’s zoom and enhance those llamas:

For more open-toed slipper styles, check out our entire collection of Spa Slippers!

Celebrate Dad! Shop our Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday, June 20! Why not treat the Papas, Padres, Grandpappys and Opas in your life to some fun and cozy slippers that’ll keep them LOLing all year long? Read on for a few of our favorite Father’s Day picks, and check out the full Father’s Day Gift Guide here!

Black Bear Paw Slippers: These playful paws feature soft black fur and four claws on each foot. Lined with a woodsy red and black plaid lining, they’re the perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast!

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers: For Monty Python fans, these Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog are the Holy Grail of Slippers. But beware, these are no ordinary rabbits, they’ve got a vicious streak a mile wide, and the big pointy teeth to prove it! Despite their ferocious appearance, however, they’re actually pretty comfy. (As seen in Monty Python and the Holy Grail).

Freudian Slippers: OK, these slippers are basically a dad joke in action. Dad can put his feet in therapy with these cozy plush slippers… the clever design allows him to put his feet into Sigmund’s tongue and wiggle them for comedic effect!

German Shepherd Slippers: With a pair of German Shepherds, Dad will have the cutest guard dogs on the block! Made with pointed ears, warm brown eyes, and a multi-colored coat. Arf!

Highland Cattle Slippers: Straight outta Scotland, these cozy ginger cows feature the shaggy fur and long horns of the iconic Highland Cattle! It might inspire Dad to practice his Scottish accent, however….you’ve been warned.

Abominable Snowman Yeti Feet Slippers: For fans and foes of the legendary giant snow ape…these larger-than-life Yeti Feet are just the ticket! Made with big blue toes and shaggy white fur, they might look chilly but they’re cozy and warm.

For all these and more fun picks for Dad, check out our full Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday, May 9! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Mamas and Grandmas in your life, look no further… slippers make a fun and comfy gift she’ll enjoy all year long. Read on for some of our favorite picks, and for even more ideas, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Fuzzy Bear Slippers: These adorable bears are extra fluffy and oh-so-cozy! Made with soft brown fur, fuzzy noses, adorable ears, and little tails on the back, they capture that classic Teddy Bear charm.

Bunny Spa Sandals: These sweet Bunnies have all the comfort of slippers, paired with the easy breezy fit of flip flops, making them perfect for the warmer summer months, or showing off that new pedicure. Wire loops inside the ears make them fully posable, so Mom can customize the look!

Pom Pom Dog Slippers: These velvety soft slides feature Boston Terriers wearing little pink beanies, complete with cheerful pom poms! With sturdy molded rubber soles, they’re perfect for popping out to the mailbox or enjoying morning coffee on the patio.

Sleepy Dog Sock Slippers: With embroidered features, floppy ears, and marshmallowy soft faux shearling linings, these Pups are sure to keep Mom smiling! Made with a ballerina-style fit, they’re perfect for someone who likes a smaller slipper.

Bichon Frise Slippers: Soft and fluffy as two powder puffs, these adorable Bichons feature snow white fur, black eyes and noses, and floppy ears and tails. If Bichons aren’t her thing, check out our full collection of Dog Slippers… we’ve got everything from Huskies to Pugs to Chihuahuas!

Fuzzy Koala Slippers: These marvelous marsupials from Down Under feature fluffy gray fur, fuzzy noses, and big floppy ears. Made with velvety soft linings, Mom will never want to take them off!

Check out our full Mother’s Day Gift Guide for even more fun and cozy picks! We hope you enjoy showering the Mamas in your life with love.

Ten Creative Ideas for Planning an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

If you can’t go outside for your Easter festivities this year, never fear, you can have a fun and egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt in the great indoors! Read on for our ten favorite creative ideas that maximize fun, engage imagination, and keep the sugar to a minimum!

  1. Activity Hunt: Some of the hidden eggs contain an activity that your little one must complete before finding the next egg!

2. Puzzle Piece Hunt: Take all the pieces of a puzzle and hide them in the eggs. When all the eggs are found, complete the puzzle!

3. Lego Hunt: Similar to the puzzle piece hunt, hide all the pieces of a Lego or building block set in the eggs…and when all the eggs are found, make the Lego set!

4. Treasure Map Hunt: Create a pirate-style treasure map, with X marking the hidden eggs! For extra pirate authenticity, you can tear the edges and roll into a scroll.

5. Bunny Tracks: For your littlest ones who might need a little extra help, create paper “Bunny Tracks” to follow to where the eggs are hidden.

6. Freeze Hunt: Play music while the kids start hunting for the eggs…when the music stops, they have to freeze in place until it starts again!

7. Wear some festive slippers: Indoor celebrations are even more fun with fuzzy animal slippers! Check out our Easter Gift Guide for our top picks.

8. Reverse the Roles: Have the kids hide the eggs, and the grown-ups find them!

9. Scavenger Hunt: Each egg contains the clue to finding the next one… and the very last clue can lead to a place where the Easter baskets are hidden!

10. Coupon Hunt: Eggs contain a “coupon” for a special experience to redeem later! Some ideas include: choosing a movie, picking what’s for dinner, or going to a favorite park.

Happy Easter every-bunny! We hope you have a lot of fun!

Easter Gifts for the Whole Family: Shop Our Gift Guide!

Easter is hop, hop, hippity hopping around the bend! Whether you’re planning Easter baskets for babies, kids, teens, or adults, we’ve got you covered. Make your Easter festivities extra special with fun and fluffy slippers for the whole family. Check out our full Easter Gift Guide, or read on for some of our top picks!

Classic Bunny Slippers: These sweet bunnies are a classic for a reason. With soft white plush, cotton ball tails, whiskers and posable ears, they’re sure to charm even a grumpy Easter Grinch! They come in sizes for both Adults and Kids.

Classic Bunny Baby Booties: For the tiniest members of the family, check out these teeny, tiny, oh-so-adorable Bunny Baby Booties! With soft white plush, embroidered features, and little rattles in each toe, they’re perfect for Baby’s First Easter.

Goat Slippers: Nothing says springtime like a bunch of goats frolicking about! We captured their adorable essence in these soft slippers, complete with hooves, horns, floppy ears, and little chin beards. They also come in a Kids’ size!

Fuzzy Fox Slippers: These sweet yet foxy slippers make a great Easter Basket stuffer for a teen or adult! Made with fluffy orange and white fur, pointy ears, and fuzzy black noses, they’ll be loved all year long.

Unicorn Slippers: With all the pastel colors of a basket full of Easter eggs, these magical rainbow Unicorns are sure to delight! Made with golden horns, embroidered features, fuzzy white manes, and cushioned footbeds.

Highland Cattle Slippers: These farmyard friends are fabulously fuzzy! Try saying that five times fast! Made with soft ginger coats, horns, and sweet eyes just peeping out from their wild topknots, these Highland Cows will hearken back to a simpler time.

Blue Stripe Bunny Slippers: Because you can never have too many Bunnies, we bring you these delightfully striped slippers! These Buns are so soft and pillowy, they feel like walking on clouds. With embroidered eyes, brown cotton ball tails, and long rabbity ears, they’ll be a hit on Easter, and the rest of the year, for that matter!

For even more fun and fuzzy Easter-y slippers, check out the rest of our Easter Gift Guide here.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her!

Shopping for a special lady this Valentine’s Day? We’ve gathered up some sweet and sentimental gift ideas to help make the day extra special. (Just call us Cupid!)

  1. Heart Earrings: We love this take on classic hoops.
  2. Fuzzy Bear Slippers: What’s even cuter than a classic Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear? TWO fuzzy bear slippers!
  3. Floral Bouquet Pillow: Traditional bouquets wilt in a week, but she’ll love this bouquet pillow year-round!
  4. DIY Donut Bouquet: If she’s got a sweet tooth for donuts, it’s easy to make a bouquet with her favorites!
  5. Art Print: A sweet and sentimental gift!
  6. Rose Tinted Wine Glasses: Toast to love with some out-of-the-ordinary glasses.
  7. Silk Sleep Mask: She can catch up on her beauty sleep with this luxurious mask.
  8. Essential Oil Diffuser: If she likes essential oils, she’ll love this handy diffuser.
  9. Mini Heart Cocottes: These sweet li’l dishes are mini-dutch ovens, perfect for cooking small portions or sweet desserts.
  10. Pink Instant Film Camera: Perfect for capturing those sweet moments!