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Slippers Guide: Slippers for Dog Lovers

We may be a blog all about bunnies, but we also happen to adore cute puppies. Therefore, we’ll share a dose of our dog-living spirit by recommending all you canine fans out there some of the finest dog slippers the … Continue reading

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Miley Digs Flip Flops: Pop Star Spotted Wearing A Pair of Unicorn Slippers

Remember that pair of adult unicorn slippers on our website? Well, Miley Cyrus is officially rocking her very own pair!

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META: Here’s A Gallery Of Animals Wearing Animal Slippers

If there’s anything sweeter than cute animals, it’s cute animals wearing slippers. And right now we have something bound to get you right off your rocker. If you are sensible to cuteness overload, you might want to reconsider venturing further, … Continue reading

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Put Kitty To Work With Cat Duster Slippers

Your kitty may be a cute little fellow, but does that mean it shouldn’t have to earn its keep? So if you’re looking to get your cat another task apart from eating and sleeping, we have the perfect product – … Continue reading

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META: Bunny Dons Bunny Slippers, Is Adorable

For once, I’m speechless. Source: Instagram | Via: The Pet Collective Contact us: travis [at]

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Slippers Save Man’s Life

Never underestimate what slippers can do at the right moment, as there is a man out there who owes his life to one such pair. If you are in need further persuasion, allow us to introduce you to Wiggo Koffed. … Continue reading

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Green With Slipper Envy

The Big O, pictured below, browsing the racks in fuzzy frog slippers. On set earlier in the day with the hosts of Good Morning America. It’s not easy being Oprah. See more pics at: Daily Mail UK Questions? Complaints? Tips? … Continue reading

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A Dog is a Man’s Grizzly Bear’s Best Friend

Like our slippers? Follow us on Facebook! Questions? Complaints? Tips? Contact us: sarah [at]

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The Healing Power of Fuzzy Slippers

Earlier this summer, we received pictures of patients at the Cancer Center of North Carolina wearing our slippers (shown below). We were ecstatic that our slippers were being used to comfort those in pain, and bring a smile to the … Continue reading

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“Cool” 90’s Flashback

Who was rockin’ polar bear slippers in 1997?

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