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Maximum Cuteness Overload! Animals Wearing Slippers

There might be nothing more soothing than soft fuzzy animals… unless they’re soft fuzzy animals who are wearing adorable slippers! If the work day has left you with a bad case of the Mondays, cast your gaze upon these sweet little guys who want nothing more than your love (and maybe some treats).







Cat With Slippers

Cat Monster Slippers

Dog Monster Slippers

Duck With Slippers

Dog With Slippers

July is Wild About Wildlife Month

July is a busy month for organizations dedicated to helping and protecting animals. To participate, we’ve put together a selection of events. Some are a little more serious than others, but it’s our hope that you’ll find something that might inspire!

July 1st: Animal Sanctuary Day

Many different types of animal sanctuaries have events on this day, from spreading awareness to their cause to adoption marathons. Using your favorite search tool, try looking for “my local animal sanctuary”. Maybe there’s a near-by event that you’d like to check out!

July 10th: Don’t Step on a Bee Day

While this event might seem whimsical at first glance, it’s actually pretty serious. July brings warm weather, and that means more bare feet. Bee-ing (sorry) aware for bees while skipping barefoot through those beautiful parks and meadows can keep your day carefree and fun.

July 12th: Cow Appreciation Day

Mostly associated with Chik-fil-A for their promotion of a free meal if you come dressed as a cow, Cow Appreciation Day is actually about spreading awareness of how important the bovine is.

July 14th: Shark Awareness Day

Educating folks and reversing negative preconceived notions (largely media-driven) about sharks is the purpose for this event.

July 15th: I Love Horses Day

Trying to preserve the remaining wild horse and burro habitats is the goal for the organizations running this American holiday.

July 15th: Pet Fire Safety Day

A team effort from the American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services, Pet Fire Safety Day strives to educate pet owners about potential risks when pets are left home alone. Proven prevention measure are provided.

July 16th: World Snake Day

A global event, World Snake Day has similar goals as Shark Awareness Day. Both creatures are subject to unnecessary hostility due to ignorance, as well as habitats that are being heavily impacted by human activities.

July 29th: International Tiger Day

One of the most admired animals, tigers are also some of the most vulnerable to extinction. This world-wide event wants to make everyone aware of how delicate the tiger’s existence is.

July 31st: Mutt’s Day

The goal for Mutt’s Day is to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation, and to educate the public about the numbers of mixed breed dogs that are looking for new homes.

Slippers Guide: Slippers for Dog Lovers

Dog Slippers

We may be a blog all about bunnies, but we also happen to adore cute puppies. Therefore, we’ll share a dose of our dog-living spirit by recommending all you canine fans out there some of the finest dog slippers the interwebs have to offer. No matter which doggie might happen to be your favorite, we probably got just the perfect thing. So let’s venture on, shall we? Continue reading

META: Here’s A Gallery Of Animals Wearing Animal Slippers

If there’s anything sweeter than cute animals, it’s cute animals wearing slippers. And right now we have something bound to get you right off your rocker. If you are sensible to cuteness overload, you might want to reconsider venturing further, as the awwwwwwwwwwww factor is just about to fly straight off the chart.

Bunnies wearing bunny slippers, pink flamingo slippers, or just about any kind of slippers out there, we’ve got it. And it’s not just bunnies either, but all sorts of four legged little guys. So buckle up and check out our gallery of cute animals wearing slippers below.

Pug Slippers

Click here to see our Pug Slippers!


Rabbit Wearing Bunny Slippers
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Cat Duster Slippers

Put Kitty To Work With Cat Duster Slippers

Your kitty may be a cute little fellow, but does that mean it shouldn’t have to earn its keep? So if you’re looking to get your cat another task apart from eating and sleeping, we have the perfect product – cat duster slippers. Coming from the land of the rising sun, Japan, it’s just one of those crazy inventions you’re bound to love simply because they make no sense whatsoever.


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Slippers Save Man's Life

Slippers Save Man’s Life

Never underestimate what slippers can do at the right moment, as there is a man out there who owes his life to one such pair.

If you are in need further persuasion, allow us to introduce you to Wiggo Koffed. As a cook on the Boston trawling ship named “Spray,” Koffed once got caught up in his fishing lines at the worst possible moment, just as a 600-pound shark grabbed the bait and started pulling on it with maximum power and force.

Shark Slippers

The shark’s sudden pull caused the fishing line to act as if it was a cobra, uncontrollably dragging the unfortunate cook over the side. But that’s when his luck took a turn for the better, as Wiggo was wearing slippers. How can that possibly be of any use, you might ask?

Well, the slippers aren’t firmly attached to the person wearing them, so they fell off cook’s feet and swished into the water on their own, basically saving the man’s life, seeing that he would have certainly met his maker if he fell into the shark-infested bay.

Had I been wearing shoes, I surely would have been carried overboard,” the cook told the Norwalk Hour after the terrifying experience.

So it was either die with your boots on or live with the slippers for Koffed, and thankfully he made the right choice. Whether it’s the classic bunny slippers, geeky Star Wars slippers or the killer dragon slippers you prefer, make sure you treat them well, as they just might prove as a lifesaver.

Slippers Save Man's Life

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