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Santa Paws: 15 Adorable Animals Who Are Ready For Santa

Santa Claus is coming to town, but Santa Paws may already be asleep on your couch! That’s right: these festive animals are so excited for Christmas that they couldn’t resist dressing up like the big guy himself. Enjoy the cuteness … Continue reading

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The Luxe Lives of Celebrity Pets: 7 Animals Living The Dream

When it comes to their pets, celebrities are just as guilty of spoiling their pets as we are— maybe even more! The lucky animal companions of the rich and the famous are treated to a life of luxury, with much … Continue reading

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Ahoy, It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day, mateys! For your enjoyment on this very fun holiday, we’ve put together a few pictures of the most pirate-y animals on the Internet. All together now: arrrr! via @piratepugjack

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Have A Cat-uccino: Cat Cafes Around The World

Sorry dogs, but the cats are taking over the world right now. Darlings of the internet (please see: Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and friends), cats are now beginning to integrate themselves into every facet of our lives. First came our … Continue reading

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Insta-Fluffy: 7 Animals You Should Be Following on Instagram

Selfies and pictures of food on Instagram are so overdone nowadays. The new trend taking over the popular social media network is decidedly fluffier: pets! But it’s not just the occasional picture of Fluffy or Fido: photogenic pets everywhere are … Continue reading

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It’s National Hug Your Cat Day!

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day! In celebration, check out these cute cat videos showing their friends some love.

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Crazy Kitty: Cat Gets Stuck in Slipper, Hilariousness Ensues

Those slipper predicaments can be quite something, especially if you happen to be a cute little kitty. This guy made sure everyone has a hoot by watching him struggle with our favorite type of footwear. The gif’s a must-see, check … Continue reading

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Purring Cats That Give Sleepy Hugs Are The Best Kind Of Cats

Today, in interspecies cuddles: watch as the bright orange kitty vampire slowly drains a Russian man of his life force. The money shot comes early at the :16 second mark, when the camera zooms in close to reveal a purring … Continue reading

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JUST STOP IT: Cats Rock Out, Drive Race Cars In Music Video

Funky cats, muscle cars, Michael Bay-caliber pyrotechnics: this is everything I’ve ever wanted in a music video. EVERYTHING! Contact us: travis [at]

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META: Here’s A Gallery Of Animals Wearing Animal Slippers

If there’s anything sweeter than cute animals, it’s cute animals wearing slippers. And right now we have something bound to get you right off your rocker. If you are sensible to cuteness overload, you might want to reconsider venturing further, … Continue reading

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