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Father’s Day Dad Jokes With Pun Dog

Dads are awesome. Not only because they’re our fathers and therefore terrific people, but because they’ve got a great sense of humor, too. Or… something like that. In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of our … Continue reading

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Insta-Fluffy: 7 Animals You Should Be Following on Instagram

Selfies and pictures of food on Instagram are so overdone nowadays. The new trend taking over the popular social media network is decidedly fluffier: pets! But it’s not just the occasional picture of Fluffy or Fido: photogenic pets everywhere are … Continue reading

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Doggy Time: Costumed Dogs Pet Parade

Last month, the 21st Annual Beggin’ Strips Pet Parade took place in St. Louis, Missouri, as hundreds of our favorite pets swamped the street to show their top costumes. As expected, cuteness overload was guaranteed. Check out some of the awesome … Continue reading

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META: Here’s A Gallery Of Animals Wearing Animal Slippers

If there’s anything sweeter than cute animals, it’s cute animals wearing slippers. And right now we have something bound to get you right off your rocker. If you are sensible to cuteness overload, you might want to reconsider venturing further, … Continue reading

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AWWWW: Tornado Victim Finds Dog In Rubble During A Live Television Interview With CBS

This is the most heartwarming video on the Internet this week, hands down. Source: YouTube | Via: The Pet Collective Make a donation here. Contact us: travis [at]

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10 Life Lessons Learned From Animal Moms (As Told With YouTube Videos)

We’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day all week here at From Hop To Pop. Tuesday’s post, a gallery of Mom tattoos, tackled a decidedly human phenomena, but today we’re digging into the animal kingdom for inspiration. Posted below, then, are 10 … Continue reading

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This Gallery Of 32 Amazing Rabbit GIFS Is The Best Thing You Will Find On The Internet. Ever.

Animated GIFS – what was once the humble vessel of mindless entertainment has become, in the eyes of some, a legitimate art form. Here then are 10, no 32, examples of the form, ranging from the cute to the clever, … Continue reading

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Yellow Lab Rescues Frisbee For Bulldog

On the understanding of teamwork and sacrifice, this dog has 99% of us beat:

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A Dog is a Man’s Grizzly Bear’s Best Friend

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A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

The internet has done it again. Just when we though’t there were no more ways to combine cute animals with other equally awesome things (see: cats and cuties), we found two Tumblrs that made us fall in love with adorable … Continue reading

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