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The First Annual Bunny Awards!

Awards season is upon us…and this year we created our very own awards, The Bunnies!  The Bunny Awards celebrate the animal slippers that entertain us the most, as seen in movies and on television.  You might even spot some of your favorite celebrities!  And now….without further ado… (drum roll please)…. we present to you The First Annual Bunny Awards!

The slippers are walking the red carpet…hoping to win a prestigious Bunny Award…!  We’ve got all kinds of interesting categories…who will take home each prize?

For our first category of the evening, the Bunny Award for Most Embarrassing Slippers goes to…. A Christmas Story!

All Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle.  But instead, he gets this pink bunny suit with attached pink bunny slippers.  Who could forget their very embarrassing performance on the silver screen!?  (But at least he didn’t shoot an eye out).

And the Bunny Award for Most Mischievous Slippers goes to….The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! 

These Kids’ Green Monster Slippers were spotted on Buckley, Jacqueline’s badly-behaved and hyperactive son.  He drives Jacqueline and Kimmy crazy with his antics… and these monster slippers suit his mischievous character to a T!

And the Bunny Award for Best Slippers in a Time Loop goes to…. Russian Doll! 

We spotted our Himalayan Cat Slippers on Natasha Lyonne, in her mind-bending new Netflix series. She wears these slippers right before she [[SPOILER ALERT]] dies!  Well, as long as you’re stuck in a mysterious time loop, you might as well be comfy!  (They also look a little like Oatmeal…her runaway cat).

And the Bunny Award for Most Dangerous Slippers goes to…Guns Akimbo!

Full disclosure: this action comedy film isn’t out yet, but it will star Daniel Radcliffe as Miles, who unwittingly gets caught in a televised death match.  Sounds pretty wild!!  We can’t wait to see our Tiger Paw Slippers on the big screen later this year!

And the Bunny Award for Scariest Slippers goes to…The Walking Dead!

Wow, our adorable Bunny Slippers have never looked so terrifying!  Spotted on this little zombie girl in the first season, they’re roughed up and zombie-fied and hungry for brains…yikes!  These are definitely the scariest slippers we’ve ever seen!

And the Day Time Bunny Award goes to…. Good Morning America!

The cast of GMA, plus Oprah, were spotted wearing some Fuzzy Frog Slippers, during a segment supporting Robin Roberts’ recovery from surgery.  (The Fuzzy Frogs are reportedly Roberts’ favorite slippers!)

And the Late Night Bunny Award goes to…. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver! 

We spotted a pair of our Classic Bunny Slippers on Last Week Tonight, during an off-the-wall detour from his satirical spin on the news!

And the Bunny Award for Most Controversial Slippers goes to…Modern Family!

Phil loves them, Claire hates them, and Stella the dog falls in love with them…these Black Bear Head Slippers caused quite a stir on this wacky family comedy!  (Spoiler alert:  hijinks ensue when Claire tries to make them “disappear”!)

And the award for Best Reality TV Slippers goes to… Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

We spotted a pair of our Classic Bunny Slippers on Kourtney Kardashian!  No matter what you think of the famous family, you must admit they have excellent taste in slippers…

And the Bunny Award for Best Bunny Slippers and Best Supporting Bunny Slippers goes to…Real Genius!

In this cult classic film, Val Kilmer was spotted wearing Bunny Slippers while playing the teenage genius Chris Knight!

Well, that concludes our First Annual Bunny Awards!  We hope you enjoyed watching these slippers on the small screen and the silver screen as much as we did.  Have you spotted some animal slippers in your favorite shows and films?  Let us know!  They might be a contender for next year’s Awards!

Norman Reedus, Bunny Slipper Enthusiast!

One doesn’t normally associate zombies with slippers (sure, stranger things have happened…), but actor Norman Reedus, arguably the biggest star of AMC’s sprawling, soap opera zomcom, The Walking Dead, is an unabashed proponent. To wit, the image embedded below, which captures a more casual and relaxed side of the Internet and TV superstar.


[Image via Twitter.]

In fact, not only does Norman Reedus wear a pair of bunny slippers, he encourages everyone else to do so! Asked by GQ what “10 Essentials” he would need in the zombie apocalypse (interview embedded below), Reedus reveals a taste for creature comforts (pun totally intended, BOO-YAH!): an espresso machine, Ray Bans, his Triumph motorcycle, vacuum robot, et. al. The last item on his list? Bunny slippers, which he “carries with him all the time.” No joke, yo, straight from the source:

Had that been the end of it, Reedus’ bunny slipper credentials would still have been secured. But, spoiler alert, it wasn’t! In an animated short staring his beloved cat, Eye In The Dark, the bunny slipper beat comes full circle and is paid off to comedic effect. Watch the LOLs below!

Got a favorite Daryl moment? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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Adjust Those Rabbit Ear Antenna for the Top 10 TV Bunnies

Here at H2P, we’ve covered Bunny Pitchmen and Rabbits on the Radio, but somehow we forgot to include beloved TV bunnies. Oh, darn! Luckily, the Huffington Post stepped in to fill the void as part of their Easter material this year with their TV Bunnies Throughout History list. Of their 10, we picked our top 3 (plus one MAJOR rabbit they missed!) to share with you below.

#1. Bean Bunny from The Muppets

#2. Ickis from Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters (Okay, so technically Ickis is a Monster, not a rabbit. However, we’re willing – as Huffpo presumably was – to make a concession for one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons to come out of the ’90s.)

#3. Buster from Arthur

One rabbit (well, sort of) we felt the list was lacking comes from Adult Swim classic Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The very first episode of the show featured a giant rabbit robot, Rabbot.

Find your favorite TV rabbit woefully overlooked? Let us know in the comments!

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Japan’s Bunny Cafe Brew Ha-ha

Living in Portland, OR, you’re exposed to a wide variety of cafe styles. There are the student cafes, where coffee is dirt cheap and stressed 20-somethings spend hours camping out on their laptops. Then, there are the bleeding edge micro roasters who spin ironic 80’s pop music on a record player and serve their pour-over brew in  mason jars. After a couple of years here, you just come to assume you’ve seen it all. So when I saw the video below about Japan’s rabbit cafes, I was hopping with jealousy!

While rabbit cafes have popped up all over Japan – 12 or so opened in the last year alone! – it will be a bit longer, I think, before people scurry to replicate Japan’s reptile cafe experience.

Are daily lattes with an extra jolt of Lapis energy just what the world needs for happier, more relaxed adults? Let us know in the comments.

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The Best of Bunnies, Chicks and Colored Eggs: H2P Easter Round-Up

Easter! There’s no holiday that better combines our interests here at From Hop To Pop. Eggs are our preferred method of protein intake second only to bacon (sorry, vegans). We’re bunny crazy, love cute and cuddly animals, pastel colors – all of it. Who better, then, than the resident experts (us) to sort the sweet from the riff-raff this Easter holiday? Nobody, that’s who! Let us expose you to the best of the best, the cutest of the cutest, and the WTF-est of the WTF-est of online Easter coverage. I’m gonna hop right to it!

I wish the Easter dog brought me a Pomeranian for Easter...

I wish the Easter dog brought me a Pomeranian for Easter…

(Found this Easter egg on Reddit.)

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Bunny Bash

As customers know, a pair of plush, pink rabbit slippers do more than just warm your toes. Feeling blue? A quick look down at those happy little guys and you won’t be able to help crack a smile. But as this H&R Block advertisement demonstrates, cute isn’t a cure-all.

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Stand By Me… But Not Too Closely

This short from The Muppets Studio illustrates why you should never talk to strangers, especially giant, furry blue strangers with humongous pointy teeth…

Luckily there’s a happy ending.

(Tip of the cap to Bunnies Everywhere for being cute enough to eat)

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