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Fall Arrivals: New Children’s Slippers

Keeping kids warm in the fall and winter can be tricky. Fortunately, we’re here to make it a little easier to help your little ones stay nice and cozy! is very pleased to introduce new additions to our line … Continue reading

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Dust Off Your Slippers: Here’s How!

It’s slipper season again! Time to get your slippers out of the back of your closet and dust them off. If they look a little… less clean than you remember, we have a few tips for you to get your … Continue reading

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Slippers in the News

The time has come to look back over the past week or two and check out what the intriguing world of slippers had in store for us. Apart from the usual amazing slippers available on our site, quite a few … Continue reading

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Slippers for the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing! Soccer (or football) fans around the world are busy cheering their hearts out for their country’s team. Here at, we’ve compiled a selection of animal slippers representing some of the participating … Continue reading

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Travel: Slippers From Around the World

If you plan on trekking across the world, and there’s no doubt you’d like that, you should kick off your journey well-prepared, especially slippers-wise. They might like an everyday item to some, but slippers in fact come with a rich … Continue reading

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Slippers Theft: Ruby Slippers Stolen From NY Hotel

A pair of Ruby slipper replicas was stolen from a Staten Island hotel by an unidentified woman a few weeks ago, NBC has reported.

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Win Prizes! Enter the Slipper Showdown Today

Any basketball fans out there? The first round of the men’s March Madness college basketball tournament officially kicks off today. That means it’s time for hours of lost productivity at work, extensive analysis of each team, and of course, all … Continue reading

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Be Creative: 10 Awesomely Crazy Slippers

If you’re thinking that slippers can’t be somewhat of an art form, you’re dead wrong. We even have some creative designs to prove it. As you’re probably well aware, we know our awesome slippers, so make sure to join us … Continue reading

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Man Demands Neighbor Must Wear Fuzzy Slippers, Takes Case to Police

We perfectly understand when someone is a bit too passionate about fuzzy slippers, but this guy took things to another level.

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Wear Your Slippers to Work: National Slippers Day Celebrated

Last Friday (February 7) marked a very special holiday for all of us over at Bunny Slippers. You might have guessed it already, because it’s the National Slippers Day we’re talking about.

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