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Slippers Theft: Ruby Slippers Stolen From NY Hotel

A pair of Ruby slipper replicas was stolen from a Staten Island hotel by an unidentified woman a few weeks ago, NBC has reported.

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Win Prizes! Enter the Slipper Showdown Today

Any basketball fans out there? The first round of the men’s March Madness college basketball tournament officially kicks off today. That means it’s time for hours of lost productivity at work, extensive analysis of each team, and of course, all … Continue reading

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Be Creative: 10 Awesomely Crazy Slippers

If you’re thinking that slippers can’t be somewhat of an art form, you’re dead wrong. We even have some creative designs to prove it. As you’re probably well aware, we know our awesome slippers, so make sure to join us … Continue reading

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Man Demands Neighbor Must Wear Fuzzy Slippers, Takes Case to Police

We perfectly understand when someone is a bit too passionate about fuzzy slippers, but this guy took things to another level.

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Wear Your Slippers to Work: National Slippers Day Celebrated

Last Friday (February 7) marked a very special holiday for all of us over at Bunny Slippers. You might have guessed it already, because it’s the National Slippers Day we’re talking about.

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Slippers-Wearing Couple Gets Engaged at 12,500 Ft

Taking their love way above cloud nine, James Matthews and his bride-to-be Sara Hackling are bound to remember their wedding proposal adventure for quite some time. The big question was popped at a dizzying 12,500 feet height at one of Europe’s latest tourist … Continue reading

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Sharpen Up: 10 Creative Slippers Designs

As always, creativity is the ultimate way to spice up just about any domain, including the slippers realm. Certain designers go above and beyond to intrigue customers, using a vast array of clever tricks and tidbits. Check out some of … Continue reading

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Slipper Holidays: Top 8 New Year Slippers

With the Christmas holidays steadily passing by, we’ve decided to give the good old Xmas spirit one more go with a cool slippers collection. Tastes vary, so much is true, but we can positively say that we’ve got just about … Continue reading

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Slippers Guide: Slippers for Football Fans

Welcome to another weekly slippers guide! This time around, we’ll delve into the NFL domain as we find a perfect pair of slippers for all you football fans out there. There’s plenty to choose from here, so without further ado … Continue reading

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Slippers Guide: Slippers for Dog Lovers

We may be a blog all about bunnies, but we also happen to adore cute puppies. Therefore, we’ll share a dose of our dog-living spirit by recommending all you canine fans out there some of the finest dog slippers the … Continue reading

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