10 Animal Photos You Badly Need to See

Bunny Slippers Rabbit

Awesome animal photos can turn your frown upside down in a matter of nanoseconds, so buckle up as we bring you some of the greatest animal photos ever to surface on the inberwebs, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Cat Bunny Talk

Cat shouting, Bunny not caring

Smug Owl

The smuggest owl in all of Britain

Meerkat dog

A meerkat and a dog, just hangin’, like buds…

Orphaned Pony

Orphaned pony and his best friend

Bunny Slippers Rabbit

Bunny having some serious thoughts regarding his bunny slippers

Dog Toy Sleep

Sleepy time…

Geese Dog

Two geese and a dog having a business meeting

Bear Dog Kiss

A bear kissing a dog just because… 

Lemur Cupcake

Lemur discovering cupcake magic for the very first time

Drunk Cat

We’ll just leave you with this heavenly guy…