Geeky Slippers For Geek Pride Day

Are you ready for Geek Pride Day? This Sunday, May 25, is Geek Pride Day!

Established in 2006 to promote geek culture, Geek Pride Day coincides with the 1977 release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Towel Day, and The Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May. It’s a chance for geeks and nerds everywhere to celebrate their love of all things geek!

In honor of this very important holiday, check out these geeky slippers.

Building Block Slippers

All the nostalgia of your favorite childhood toy in a comfy pair of slippers!

Domo Glasses Slippers

These Domo slippers sport nerdy glasses: perfect for showing off your geek pride.

Yoda Slippers

Honor the great Jedi Master with these Yoda slippers!

Darth Vader Slippers

Prefer the Dark Side? Perhaps these Darth Vader slippers are more your style.

Chewbacca Slippers

Chewbacca slippers are extremely loyal companions, especially for Star Wars movie marathons.

Yoshi Slippers

Who better to play Mario Kart with than Mario’s trusty sidekick himself?

Tribble Slippers

We promise these Tribble slippers won’t multiply like crazy.

Adventure Feet Slippers

Go on an adventure (or stay at home in your hole in the ground, up to you) with these comfy slippers.

Totoro Slippers

These Totoro slippers will keep you company while you wait, even in the harshest of weather.