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Norman Reedus, Bunny Slipper Enthusiast!

One doesn’t normally associate zombies with slippers (sure, stranger things have happened…), but actor Norman Reedus, arguably the biggest star of AMC’s sprawling, soap opera zomcom, The Walking Dead, is an unabashed proponent. To wit, the image embedded below, which captures a more casual and relaxed side of the Internet and TV superstar.


[Image via Twitter.]

In fact, not only does Norman Reedus wear a pair of bunny slippers, he encourages everyone else to do so! Asked by GQ what “10 Essentials” he would need in the zombie apocalypse (interview embedded below), Reedus reveals a taste for creature comforts (pun totally intended, BOO-YAH!): an espresso machine, Ray Bans, his Triumph motorcycle, vacuum robot, et. al. The last item on his list? Bunny slippers, which he “carries with him all the time.” No joke, yo, straight from the source:

Had that been the end of it, Reedus’ bunny slipper credentials would still have been secured. But, spoiler alert, it wasn’t! In an animated short staring his beloved cat, Eye In The Dark, the bunny slipper beat comes full circle and is paid off to comedic effect. Watch the LOLs below!

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HOP ART: Let’s Call A Spade A Spade…


Blackjack and bunnies — two of our favorite things here at From Hop To Pop — double down in an excellent new t-shirt design spun around a literal and punny approximation of the humble jack rabbit. Get it for $20 bones, hardly a budget buster (sorry, couldn’t resist…), at Threadless.

Those with astute powers of observation might recall that we featured a gaggle of bunny-themed tees in this very space last year. Got one of your own to share? Post it in the comments below!

LOL: Animals Halloweening This Year As Bunnies

Our friends at The Pet Collective have cobbled together an excellent gallery of animals dressed as bunnies (cue the reminder that Halloween is now 8 days away…). Embedded below are three of our faves — a snake (like srsly?), a hampster, and a koala — but you can see the entire set by clicking here.




Let us know which one is your fave in the comments below!

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SCIENTISTS AGREE: This Is The World’s Fluffiest Bunny

Today, in awesome stuff on the Internet: this fluffy bunny, a blizzard of white wool with only the faintest traces of a face (oh, it’s there though, you just have to work for it).


Where did it come from? What does it like to do? How can we get one ourselves? Did it eat the abominable snowman? Can I sleep on it like a beckoning pillow cloud? These are the questions that keep us up at night.


We do know that it’s an Angora, one of the most popular rabbit types. Popular with French aristocrats in the 18th century, Angoras have long been bred for their long, soft wool, which is sheared and in turn, developed into wearables like scarves, mittens, hats, and sweaters.


We think this guy needs a nickname! Leave your suggestions in the comments below! Funniest answer wins a fist bump and a modest does of Internet notoriety!

All pics via Rite Mail. (h/t The Pet Collective)

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Hop Art: Dancing Hares, A Bronze Sculpture Featuring 3 Giant Rabbits

Today in rabbit-themed art: “Dancing Hares“, a bronze sculpture depicting three oversized bunnies busting a move and doing their best take on ’80s dance craze, the Roger Rabbit. Designed by Sophie Ryder, an artist based in London, the piece is currently installed at a public park in Dublin, Ohio.


From the artist’s statement:

Sophie Ryder lives in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside where hares are a native and prolific species measuring 24″ when sitting with ears upright. She became enthralled with the hares annual spring courtship — standing erect and “boxing” each other for mates and territory; hence the phrase: “Mad as a March Hare.”

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Fluorescent Bunnies: Turkish Scientists Produce Green-Glowing Rabbits

These guys may seem like a regular bunch of cute bunnies, and during daylight that’s exactly what they are. But as the night falls, a peculiar trait reveals itself occurs — the rabbits start glowing in the dark!


So how can a pack of small rabbits emit glowing green light?” you might ask. Well, the bunnies are the result of University of Istanbul scientific research that fused the little fellows with jellyfish by injecting them with a specific gene for glowing protein production.

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