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Congratulations to our Photo Caption Contest Winners!

We asked our friends and fans to enter our 2021 Photo Caption Contest by writing a funny and unique caption to the photo above… and, WOW! You all made us LOL! Our dedicated team of caption-readers had the honor of reading every entry…and we somehow were able to narrow it down to three winners. (It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it!)

Let’s get started! We’d like to present our Third Place entry, a twist on the classic “blame the dog” trope, submitted by Trung D. Congratulations, Trung, you have won the $25 gift certificate!

Moving right along, here is our illustrious Second Place winner, Bonnie S.! We all know dogs love to chew on slippers, but Pug Slippers gave this Pug second thoughts… Bonnie has won the $50 gift certificate!

And now, without further ado… here is our First Place winning caption, submitted by Amber B.! Amber has won the $100 gift certificate… Congratulations!

Please put your paws together for a round of applause for all our winners, and everybody who entered! Stay tuned for more fun contests in the future… you’re all winners to us!

P.S. If this contest has inspired you to get some Pug Slippers of your own… check them out here!

Sneak Preview of New Puppy Dog Slippers!

Introducing a new slipper style is always fun, but when it’s 8 adorable puppy slippers, then it’s a really good day! Come see for yourself just how awwwww-some these cuties are. There is a downside however: these sweet pups haven’t arrived yet, but they’re on the way! We’re hoping stock will happen sometime during the first week of December. Until then, find as many puppy styles as you wish and click through to the their product page. There you’ll find the Notify Me out-of-stock button. Click that to receive an email when the puppies are here!



Our Dachshund slippers are an adorable tribute to these little dogs with big personalities.



Our Corgi slippers feature soft red and white fur, an adorable pink tongue, sweet little paws, and distinctive pointed ears.



With a wrinkly head, a short muzzle and a fawn colored coat, our Pug Slippers might be the most adorable tribute to the breed we’ve ever seen.



These slippers capture the long muzzle and floppy ears of this fun and friendly breed.

German Shepherd


Warm brown eyes, pointed ears, and a multi-colored coat capture the look of this beloved breed.

Golden Retriever


With a floppy ears, a tail, and a pink tongue, these slippers capture the friendly and devoted nature of the Retriever.

Yellow Labrador


Warm golden fur, adorable paws and floppy ears complete the look.



Shiny black fur and distinctive brown markings on the nose, paws, and above the eyes, these slippers are the cutest guard dogs we’ve ever seen.

20 Adorable Pets Dressed for Halloween!

These 20 fantastic pets sacrificed their busy day to get all gussied up for Halloween, just to make their owner happy. Now that’s some loyalty! All joking aside, some of these sweet little guys do look like they’re about one giggle away from clawing someone’s ankles… and that just makes you laugh harder.





















Don’t have a costume yet? We have you covered! Act fast though, there’s only a few more days left for shipping!


For These Pups, “It’s A Dog’s Life” Isn’t A Bad Thing

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and when there’s trouble in paradise, sometimes a partner ends up in the dog house. If that person has one of these dog houses, then watch out! Finding new ways to be in the dog house might be a thing. You won’t find any flea-ridden clap-traps here, take a look at these fancy bowwow abodes and see how a few lucky dogs live even better than their owners. Love dogs? See our complete line of dog slippers here!

Single Door Goliath


Image from Blythe Wood Works

Boasting 24 square feet interior space, with real-world options like raised foundations, air conditioning, porches, and decks, the Goliath would make us feel right at home. Base price is $1883 and fully loaded adds another $4000.

Victorian Cozy Kennel


Image from Little Cottage Company

At 80 square feet, with 8 foot ceilings, this beautiful “kennel” is larger than some micro apartments! Constructed seemingly to residential home requirements, add in a TV and a lounger and you could make this into an AirBnB! No price listed.

Cape Cod Kennel


Image from Little Cottage Company

Same size as the Victorian, this cute “starter home” adds curb appeal with the addition of three dormers.

Posh Living for Paris Hilton’s Dogs


Image from Paris Hilton’s Twitter feed

The famous heiress has provides for her pampered pups with a $325,000 luxury house. Let’s allow the video to explain:

Dream Dog House by Samsung

Priced at a paltry (by Paris Hilton standards) $30,475 this futuristic high-tech features a ton of nice touches, but we’re not sure if they’re fully appreciated by the residents. See more here:

Celebrity Brick Estate


Image from Beyond the Crate

Custom-built and designed by world-famous Alan Mowrer, this dog retreat features running water, lighting, air conditioning, and heat. Final designs take into account the breed of dog and the location where it will be built. Prices start at $25,000.

Celebrity Hacienda


Image from Beyond the Crate

More at home in warmer climates than it’s Brick Estate sibling, the Hacienda prides itself on a level of luxury and comfort matched only by the elite retreats of the rich and famous. Starts at $30,000.

1/4-Scale Great Dane Mansion


Image from The Daily Mail UK

We saved the biggest and best for last. Considered the finest dog house in the world, this generously appointed canine mansion is 1/4 the size of its parent house: the 3-bedroom $2 million ‘Hedron House’. Our favorite feature: retina scans on the doors to keep out strays.

Animals Swim to Beat the Heat

With temperatures rising, we aren’t the only ones looking for ways to cool off!

Animals need relief too! We’ve rounded up some of the cutest videos showing animals taking a dip in some unlikely places!

This baby elephant is having a ball chasing waves (and sometimes getting caught) on a beach in Thailand. Our hearts melted as we watched this over and over!

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Top Dogs: Highlights From The 139th Westminster Dog Show

The 139th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show wrapped up in New York City this past Tuesday, with thousands of dogs strutting their stuff and hoping to take home the top prize.

This year’s best in show champ was Miss P the beagle, whose great-uncle Uno was the first beagle to win Westminster in 2008.

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Stepping Out in Style: Dogs Walking in Their Booties

We humans love our cozy slippers, but to our dogs, covering your feet can be a foreign concept. When it’s cold and snowing outside or when their paws could use a little extra protection, they sometimes don’t quite understand why we make them wear their booties. They’re not just a fashion choice: booties can protect dogs’ feet from extreme temperatures and extra-rough terrain! Plus, the way dogs walk in their special shoes is something you’ve got to see to believe.

For your amusement and entertainment this Monday, we’ve rounded up a few videos of dogs in their slippers for the first time. Enjoy, and stay warm!

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Santa Paws: 15 Adorable Animals Who Are Ready For Santa

Santa Claus is coming to town, but Santa Paws may already be asleep on your couch! That’s right: these festive animals are so excited for Christmas that they couldn’t resist dressing up like the big guy himself.

Enjoy the cuteness and have a great holiday!

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The Luxe Lives of Celebrity Pets: 7 Animals Living The Dream

When it comes to their pets, celebrities are just as guilty of spoiling their pets as we are— maybe even more! The lucky animal companions of the rich and the famous are treated to a life of luxury, with much pampering and love from their devoted owners.

Take a peek into the luxe lives of some of the most famous celebrity pets!

Asia Gaga
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