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Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Discount Deals

Start hoppin’ and get to shoppin’! This Friday through Monday you can get more bang for your holiday buck with’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupon codes. Please apply them to the coupon field during checkout.

These codes unlock discounts based on what’s in your basket. The more you spend, the more you save:

  • $100+ use BFSALE20 for $20 off
  • $75+ use BFSALE10 for $10 off
  • $50+ use BFSALE5 for $5 off

These coupon codes start 11/23 9pm (PT) and evaporate 11/27 11:59pm (PT). Popular items can sell out quickly so act fast. Limited to stock on hand.

Find the perfect gift for that special someone today!

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For the Football Fan

Finding gifts for the Football fan could be straightforward, but what if your team’s Biggest Fan already has a team jersey and season tickets? Score serious points with the ones you love with these awesome 100% legit football footware!

Pittsburgh Steelers

For a truly magical holiday, pair these slippers with a Terrible Towel!

New England Patriots

Remember when football teams made music videos? During the run-up to the ’85 Super Bowl, the Patriots contribution was “New England: the Patriots and We“.

Seattle Seahawks

These awesome Seahawks slippers will ward off the Pacific Northwest winter chills with ease!

Dallas Cowboys

Transcending local fandom, the Dallas Cowboys have fans all over the country.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For Those Who Love Dogs

Dogs, right?! Clearly dogs are our best animal friends. Dogs make us feel proud, sometimes mad, glad, and sometimes sad. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you’re into, if you like that sort of dog, that’s the sort of dog you’ll like. Maybe you’d like a pair of these wonderful dog slippers for that special someone, or maybe you’d like a pair for yourself!

Bichon Frise Slippers

Soft and cuddly, these Bichon slippers will warm the feet (and heart!) of your favorite Bichon fan.

Corgi Dog Slippers

Not quite as ridiculously adorable as real Corgis, these wonderful slippers are a very close second.

Pug Dog Slippers

What Pug lover wouldn’t love to playfully tease their dog with these spot-on slippers?

Yellow Labrador Slippers

We’ve tried and tried, but no matter how many times we throw a stick these slippers still won’t fetch. Maybe you can train them?

Chihuahua Dog Slippers

We have a chihuahua around the office here, his name is Rico. Rico does not trust these faithful slippers, which gives us hours of entertainment!

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Last Shipping Day For Halloween: Thursday Oct 26th

Celebrate 2017 Halloween in comfort and style with an awesome costume from our latest Costume Guide. Be sure to order slippers for your costume no later than Thursday October 26th. Select Expedited shipping service to ensure delivery before Halloween.

Some costumes from the guide to spur the imagination…


Donald Duck

Campfire Smores

Halloween Costume Guide 2017 – Fast and Affordable Costume Ideas!

Halloween is only a few weeks away and NOW is the time to get your costume together. What are your plans for the holiday? Do you have a party or two lined up or maybe it’s taking the kids out trick ‘r treating? You’ll definitely want to check out our Halloween Costume Guide for great ideas that are fast, easy, and affordable. New for 2017 are Queen Elizabeth, Crocodile Dundee, and Zombie Attack.

Queen Elizabeth

Starting with our Corgi Slippers, add a jewel-toned wool coat, a sparkly brooch for flair, a white wig, and of course, a crown! Finish the look with some white gloves, and a formal wave.

Crocodile Dundee

Putting our Alligator Slippers to work as the foundation, find a denim shirt, a vest, and pants suitable for wrestling down a few crocs in the swamp. Add an animal-tooth necklace, and top it all off with an outback-style hat.

Zombie Attack

Using our Blue Zombie Slippers, take a pair of pants and a shirt and tatter them up as in the picture. Liberally apply some fake blood and real mud all over… the messier the better. Don a choppy ‘messy’ wig and a blank stare. Final step is to perfect your “Braaaaaiiiiins!” snarl.

4 Slippers That Look Eerily Familiar + 1 Bonus

We found a few slippers that remind us of more than just comfy footware – as interpreted by us.

1. Mom and Dad when I come home late…

Direct link

2. … and my twin brothers listening from their beds.

Direct link

3. Drunk Santa looking in the mirror.

Direct link

4. A pair of happy alligators swimming up to say Hi.

Direct link

Bonus: Samuel L. Jackson.

Direct link

Free Shipping Mother’s Day!

FREE SHIPPING!! Mother’s day is on the 14th and we’re here to help you shine shine shine in your mother’s eyes! Browse our Mother’s Day Gift Guide and when you spot that PERFECT gift, use coupon code ILUVMOM17 in the checkout screen and save your self some money! Free shipping code is now through the 7th. Be proactive and secure that Mother’s Day gift now!

Cyber Monday Savings


Get ready to shop! Now through Monday you’ll get more slippers for less dollars with’s Cyber Monday coupon codes!

These codes unlock discounts based on what’s in your basket. The more you spend, the more you save:

  • $100+ use BFSAVE20 for $20 off
  • $75+ use BFSAVE10 for $10 off
  • $50+ use BFSAVE5 for $5 off

These coupons vanish at midnight Nov. 28th. Limited to stock on hand.