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Crazy Kitty: Cat Gets Stuck in Slipper, Hilariousness Ensues

Those slipper predicaments can be quite something, especially if you happen to be a cute little kitty. This guy made sure everyone has a hoot by watching him struggle with our favorite type of footwear. The gif’s a must-see, check … Continue reading

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Hilarious: Animals Caught in Funny Situations

We’d like to brighten up your day with these hilarious photos of animals caught in most peculiar situations. These are truly amazing creatures and we can’t help it but loving them. I mean just check out these photos below!

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Doggy Time: Costumed Dogs Pet Parade

Last month, theĀ 21st Annual Beggin’ Strips Pet Parade took place in St. Louis, Missouri, as hundreds of our favorite pets swamped the street to show their top costumes. As expected, cuteness overload was guaranteed. Check out some of the awesome … Continue reading

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Cuteness Overload: Animals Using Other Animals as Pillows

Thread carefully everyone, we’ve got a massive cuteness overload heading our way! Sleeping animals are enough to take cuteness stats off the chart, but when they’re using other animals as pillows along the way, we’re in for an atom bomb … Continue reading

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Social Media Power: Twitter Reunites Girl With Lost Bunny Toy

Proving the power social media has today, two-year-old Daisy Young was reunited with her favorite Bunny rabbit who went missing after a shopping trip with the family.

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Baby Bunny: Song So Cute It’ll Get Stuck in Your Head Forever

It’s time to lighten things up with a Bunny hit tune! Titled “Baby Bunny,” the song we’re bringing you is too cute not to get stuck in your head. A favorite of rabbit aficionados around the globe, it easily found … Continue reading

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Cuteness Overload: Superhero Bunny Hops to the Rescue

This adorable three-year-old hopper is called Benjamin. Benjamin comes from Brooklyn, New York, and is very well known in the bunny community for his reenactments of iconic Hollywood movies.

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Bunny Athletic: Cute Rabbit Jumping Competition

It’s time for a fresh dose of bunny cuteness! Physical activity and proper exercise is always a good choice, so right now we’ll present you with a little bit of bunny athletics. Just look at these guys hop!

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Bunny SPA: Rabbit Falls Asleep During Bath Time

Who says that pets don’t enjoy bath time? Just check out this cute little bunny rabbit having the time of his life as his caring owner is making him squeaky clean.

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Cuteness Overload: New Year Bunnies Gallery (15 Photos)

With the Christmas spirit still very much present here at, we decided to kick off the new year with a fresh dose of cuteness overload. Those following our blog more regularly might already have an idea of what’s coming … Continue reading

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