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Best In Show: Highlights From The National Dog Show

After the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, many families like to sit back and watch the National Dog Show, another beloved American Thanksgiving tradition. Highlights from this year’s show were plentiful: we’ve compiled some of our favorites. Read on!

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Bedtime At Cute O’Clock: Animals in Pajamas

To kick off our arrival of awesome line of pajamas, we’ve assembled a collection of the cutest animals in pajamas from around the internet. Tuck yourself in for this collection and prepare to have a cuter REM cycle.

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An Animal and A Gentleman: 13 Mustachioed Animals For Movember

Movember is in full swing, and men are busy growing out their mustaches to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research. This movement is different than No-Shave-November, which encourages participants to grow full beards in support of cancer patients … Continue reading

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Bunny Fall Fashion: Scarves Edition

If you’re a big fan of cozy clothes, fall and winter are the best seasons of the year, because you can bundle yourself up in a big, warm scarf every day. These bunnies are just like you: they love anything … Continue reading

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Something Adorable This Way Comes: 25 Pet Halloween Costumes

We all love dressing up in costumes for Halloween, but as pet owners know, that’s only half the fun! Why should our furry friends have to miss out on the festivities? While an animal doesn’t need to wear a costume, … Continue reading

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13 Carved Pumpkins For The Cutest Halloween Ever

Halloween is a spooky time of year, and many people go all out with decorations, costumes, and celebrations. While the trend in recent years has shifted towards the extremely scary or creepy, that doesn’t mean you have to join in … Continue reading

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10 Dogs Who Are Very Happy About Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

October is Adopt-A-Dog Month! Sponsored by the American Humane Association, this month encourages adopting a dog from a local shelter or rescue organization instead of buying from a breeder or pet store. Check out these 10 lovable former shelter dogs! … Continue reading

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21 Adorable Bunnies Celebrating International Rabbit Day

This Sunday, September 28, is International Rabbit Day! This holiday aims to raise awareness about rabbit welfare, wild and domestic, and celebrates our favorite big eared, twitchy-nosed creature. In honor of this very special day, we’ve compiled some adorable bunny … Continue reading

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10 of the World’s Cutest Baby Zoo Animals

The Edinburgh Zoo recently announced that Tian Tian, one of their giant pandas, may be pregnant. The world is very excited, because if her pregnancy is successful, this will be the first panda cub to be born in Britain. Tian … Continue reading

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Cuteness Overload: Cutest Animals Relaxing

Cuteness overload is back! And for this week’s returning edition, we have in store for you the cutest gallery the web can offer. It’s summer time – vacations, holidays, school breaks, in one word – relaxation. Check out the gallery … Continue reading

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