Our Dream Car: Bunny Slippers!

BMW? Who cares. Mercedes-Benz? No thanks. Porsche? Gross. The only cars we care about are these Fuzzy Pink Bunny Slippers, the cars of our dreams!!!!

Our dream cars have it all: Fuzzy pink fur, long rabbity ears, hot pink noses, and eyes that look like giant buttons!

I can see it now: we’re cruising down the highway, wind in our hair, turning heads everywhere we go.

I wonder what’s the horsepower on these bunnies?

The cotton ball tail is the perfect finishing touch! Such style, such luxury! That seals the deal, we MUST have these, NOW. Where’s the Bunny Car dealership anyway?

Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day is coming right up, on June 21! Show the old man you care with some funny and cozy new slippers. We’ve got slippers of all types to make his day a little brighter. Check it out!

Dad will feel like King for a day with these handsome Lion Slippers! These ultra comfy full-foot slippers have wild manes and super soft plush uppers.

These Abominable Snowman Yeti Feet are sure to make Dad LOLOL! The icy blue toes are deceptive…these slippers are cozy and warm.

Rawrrrr! These T-Rex Slippers may have tiny little arms, but they feel like a whole big hug for your feet! Dad will get a kick out of these ferociously awesome dinos.

These Rottweiler Slippers are the cutest guard dogs you’ve ever met! We’ve got all kinds of Dog Slippers… find his favorite breed!

These Grizzly Bear Paws are one of our all-time faves, and they’re a classic for a reason! Made with fuzzy brown fur, black claws, and a full-foot design.

These Shark Slippers have teeth, gills, fins, and beady little eyes, just like the real thing! Chomp!

Didn’t see what you’re looking for here? Check out our entire collection of Men’s Slippers.

You’ll Love these Mama and Baby Animal Facts!

We love all the Mamas of the animal kingdom! From big to small to furry to scaly, Moms make the world go ’round. Here are some fun facts about mother and baby animals.

Mama and Baby Sloth: Baby sloths cling to their mother’s fur for five weeks to six months, and then stay close to her side for the next two to four years as they learn to slowly climb through the trees.

Mama and Baby Giraffe: Newborn baby giraffes are six feet tall and weigh 150 pounds. They’re still not tall enough to reach the tree leaves, so the mother giraffe will pluck the leaves and put them directly into the baby’s mouth, until they’re tall enough to do it themselves!

Mama and Baby Tortoise: These African spurred tortoises are only 6 centimeters long when they’re born. They’ll ride on their mother’s head or shell until they’re old enough to walk on their own!

Mama and Baby Panda: Panda babies weigh only 3.5 ounces when they’re born, and are carried by their mothers for their first three months. After that, they’ll gain 100 pounds in their first year!

Mother and Baby Duck: A mother duck will lay up to 15 eggs at a time, and then sit on her eggs for 28 days before they hatch, rarely leaving the nest. Baby ducklings start swimming only 10 hours after they are born!

Mama and Baby Orangutan: Orangutan mothers only give birth every eight years or so. The babies stay with their mother for six to eight years, and have a very tight bond: the closest of all animals, except for humans!

Mama and Baby Cheetah: Baby cheetahs are born blind, but by the time they grow up, they can see up to 3 miles away! Cheetah babies also have a long, tall “mohawk” from their neck all the way down their tail, which helps them blend into the grass and hide from predators.

Mama and Baby Gazelle: The mother gazelle helps its baby stand up on its feet, just moments after it’s born! She will hide her baby in tall grasses while she grazes, and come back to feed it every few hours.

Mama and Baby Hippopotamus: When a mother hippo gives birth, she and her baby will isolate themselves for two weeks so they can bond. She even gives up grazing so she can spend time with her little one! After that, they’ll re-join the herd, but remain closely bonded until the baby is seven.

Mama and Baby Cat: Mother cats have a special noise they use to call to their kittens, called a “chirr” or a “chirrup.” It’s different from all other noises they make, and unique to each mother cat. A mother cat is called a “queen”!

Mama and Baby Horse: Baby horses are born with 80% – 90% of the length of their adult legs, and can start walking within a couple hours of being born. When traveling in a herd, mother horses will put their babies in the center to protect them from danger.

Mama and Baby Alligator: Alligator moms actually bond with their babies and show affection, which is unusual among reptile species! Baby alligators stay close to their mothers for a year, and the mothers will fiercely protect them from predators.

Mama and Baby Chipmunk: These li’l critters weigh only 3 grams when they’re born! They live in an underground burrow for one month, and then their mother helps them venture out and learn how to forage and gather food.

Work From Home Wardrobe for Him!

Business on top, party on the bottom!  Working from home has its own special challenges—and perhaps even its own unexpected joys!  We’re here to help you curate the perfect work from home wardrobe that’ll keep you looking sharp for those Zoom meetings, while staying comfy and having a few LOLs!

  1. Button Up Shirt: Nothing says “I mean business” like a collared button-up.
  2. Clip-on Tie:  Clip it on for those essential video meetings, then stash it for the rest of the day.  On Zoom, nobody can tell it’s a clip-on!  (OK, we’re joking… mostly… but they do sell Clip-on Ties for adults for a reason…)
  3. Funny Mug:  Inspire your inner barista with some fun new coffee mugs.  This Golf Mug even helps you work on your short game until you can get back out on the course.
  4. Lounge Pants:  Nobody knows you’re wearing PJ pants…might as well make them extra fun and non-work-appropriate! We love these Beer Lounge Pants.
  5. Lap Blanket:  There’s no social stigma of bringing a blanket to work when nobody can see you!  This Pizza Blanket is extra hilarious (although it might make you extra hungry).
  6. Fuzzy Slippers:  When your commute is just to the living room, you can keep your footwear extra cozy.  These Highland Cattle Slippers win our vote for ultimate fuzziness!

Work From Home Wardrobe for Her!

Business on top, party on the bottom!  For those of you who are new to working at home (or maybe you’ve been doing it for years and need a little fresh inspo), you know that having the right work-from-home wardrobe is the key to your professional success.  We’ve crafted a handy plan to help you look all business on top for logging into those Zoom meetings, but keep things cozy and fun at the same time!

  1. Comfy Sweater:  Look polished, yet feel cozy, with a comfy sweater. 
  2. Faux collar:  Add a faux collar to any outfit to make it instantly professional!  (OK, this one is kind of a joke…or is it?
  3. Colorful lounge pants:  We love these cheerful Mimosa Pants.  They’ll instantly make you the fun one in the office!  (You might be the only one in the office, but still!)  (P.S. Elastic waistbands are essential…the more they stretch, the less you kvetch).
  4. Funny mug: You are your own barista now, gotta add some flair to that coffee game!  This Feeling Magical Unicorn Mug is one of our faves.    
  5. Lap blanket: One of the major work from home perks is that there’s no shame in cuddling up with your blankets.  This vibrant Sprinkle Donut Blanket is just what the doctor ordered!
  6. Fuzzy Slippers: While you might be discouraged from wearing your favorite fuzzy animal slippers around the office, you can wear them all day at home.  Our Fuzzy Monkey Slippers will keep you laughing through all those TPS reports!

Variety is the spice of life… check out our entire slipper catalog!

Easter Sale! 🐰💐

Easter is right around the corner! We want to help you fill those Easter baskets with fuzzy and fun slippers, so we’re offering a 20% discount on all orders!

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Need some help deciding? We’ve gathered all our most spring-y, Easter-y styles for kids and adults in our Easter Gift Guide.

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Easter Gift Guide!

Who’s that hopping down the bunny trail?? Easter is on its way! Fill up those baskets with some fuzzy slipper fun. Here are a few of our favorite springtime picks!

Quack up your family with some Duck Feet Slippers!

These Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers are just too cute!

Oink oink! These adorable Fuzzy Pig Slippers will brighten your day!

Nothing says Easter like these Classic Bunny Slippers!

We’ve also got bunnies for little toes! Check out these Kids Bunny Slouch Slippers, or Kids Classic Bunny Slippers!

These handsome Mallard Duck Slippers are a sure sign of spring!

Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens & Teens (That Aren’t Candy)

Planning an Easter basket for a teen or a tween this year? We’ve got you covered! Check out these Easter Basket stuffers that maximize fun and minimize a sugar crash.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle – If you’ve got a puzzle lovin’ kiddo, give them a new fun and challenging puzzle! We love this Biodiversity 500-piece round puzzle.
  2. Water Bottle – Because single use plastics are the pits, get a stylish reusable water bottle like this Blue Granite bottle!
  3. Sunglasses – Summer is right around the corner and everybody needs a new pair of shades!
  4. Camping cutlery – These re-usable Sporks are great for camping, picnics, or packing in a school lunch!
  5. Cash money is always a hit, and here’s a super fun way to do it! Follow this Bunny Money tutorial to make those dolla dolla bills into funny bunny ears!
  6. Popcorn – A fun and healthy(ish) snack that won’t give ya cavities!
  7. Face Wash or Body Wash – New shower essentials are practical yet fun!
  8. Mechanical Pencils – School supplies always come in handy, and are especially cheerful in a rainbow pack!
  9. Bunny Slippers – We’ve got Bunny Slippers plus other fun animal slippers for kiddos large and small! Check out our Easter Gift Guide for other Easter-y picks!
  10. Mad Libs – Classic and hilarious! Your kids might even invite you to play 🙂