10 of the World’s Cutest Baby Zoo Animals

The Edinburgh Zoo recently announced that Tian Tian, one of their giant pandas, may be pregnant. The world is very excited, because if her pregnancy is successful, this will be the first panda cub to be born in Britain.

Tian Tian, potential mama-to-be, dozes in her Edinburgh Zoo enclosure. (via Huffington Post)

It’s rumored that Edinburgh Zoo expects its newest addition to arrive soon, but while we’re waiting, we’ve rounded up some other adorable baby zoo animals from around the world! Continue reading

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Save Up To 40%: BunnySlippers.com End of Summer Sale!

Colder weather is on the way: get ready to keep your feet warm at the BunnySlippers.com End of Summer Sale! Today through August 30, 2014, save up to 40% on select favorite slippers. Some are pictured below, but you’ll have to check out the Summer Sale page to see them all. Hurry, this sale only lasts a week, so get these great deals while they’re here!

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Unusual Animal Buddies

Unlikely Animal Buddies

The world we live in can truly be a magnificent place. Just check out these odd friendly couples we have in store for you today. They will melt your heart out for sure!  Continue reading

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Slippers in the News

Slippers News

Another week, another slippers roundup. That’s right, it’s Slippers in the News time! Quite a few nice flip-flop news we have in store, check ‘em out below, now! Continue reading

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Cuteness Overload: Cute Sharks

Cute Shark

You might consider them the most dangerous creatures alive, but sharks can really be cute sometimes. To prove this, we bring you a special shark edition of Cuteness Overload. Check it out below! Continue reading

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Have A Cat-uccino: Cat Cafes Around The World

Sorry dogs, but the cats are taking over the world right now. Darlings of the internet (please see: Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and friends), cats are now beginning to integrate themselves into every facet of our lives. First came our homes, then our Internet, and now they’re taking over our coffee shops.


Fortunately, our coffee is still decidedly (mostly) cat free. (via Got Bangkok)

Continue reading

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Slippers in the News

Slippers News

The time has come to look back over the past week or two and check out what the intriguing world of slippers had in store for us. Apart from the usual amazing slippers available on our site, quite a few notable events deserve attention, check them out below. Continue reading

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Fun You’re Sure to Get Wrapped Up In


As summer kicks into full gear, your little critters are sure to want to stay poolside. To help them dry off, Bunny Slippers is excited to offer a wide assortment of adorable hooded towels! Perfect for bath time, swim time, and beach trips, these towels are guaranteed to help your little one get excited about the water!


Maybe you’ve struggled with getting your kids out of the pool? Or maybe your little one just doesn’t like water. These hooded towels solve both those problems! They’ll be so excited to wrap themselves up in their favorite animal that they wont be able to wait to play in the water or even realize when it’s time to go. These towels make a perfect gift for new and veteran parents alike. Buy them for baby showers or birthday parties. No matter which design you pick, it’s sure to bring a smile.  Wrap your kiddo up in fun this summer, with our animal Hooded Towels!

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Spa Slippers: New at BunnySlippers.com

Though this past Labor Day weekend marked the unofficial end of summer, you may not want to let go of summer quite yet. And that’s okay: you can hang onto flip flop weather for as long as you want in our fun new Spa Slippers!


These spa slippers are perfect for wearing around the house, lounging on the couch, and of course, keeping your feet cozy at the spa.

We have six new styles, with designs featuring horses, frogs, bears, monkeys, and moose. All of these slippers have non-slip soles to help keep you from sliding on slippery surfaces. Your feet will love the thick foam soles, the soft fleece footbeds, and the fuzzy fringe on the straps. Bonus— these spa slippers are machine washable! No need to worry about keeping these from getting dirty: just toss them into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

No matter where you really are, you’re sure to feel like you’re at the spa in your fun and fuzzy spa slippers!

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Red Carpet: Celebs Rocking Awesome Slippers

Miley Cyrus Unicorn Slippers

A grade-A celebrity wearing unicorn slippers, that very same pair we have in store?! Why yes, and we don’t see what’s so peculiar about that. In fact, there’s quite a few celebs rocking a pair of slippers out there. Check out the rundown we have in store below. Continue reading

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