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Norman Reedus, Bunny Slipper Enthusiast!

One doesn’t normally associate zombies with slippers (sure, stranger things have happened…), but actor Norman Reedus, arguably the biggest star of AMC’s sprawling, soap opera zomcom, The Walking Dead, is an unabashed proponent. To wit, the image embedded below, which captures a more casual and relaxed side of the Internet and TV superstar.


[Image via Twitter.]

In fact, not only does Norman Reedus wear a pair of bunny slippers, he encourages everyone else to do so! Asked by GQ what “10 Essentials” he would need in the zombie apocalypse (interview embedded below), Reedus reveals a taste for creature comforts (pun totally intended, BOO-YAH!): an espresso machine, Ray Bans, his Triumph motorcycle, vacuum robot, et. al. The last item on his list? Bunny slippers, which he “carries with him all the time.” No joke, yo, straight from the source:

Had that been the end of it, Reedus’ bunny slipper credentials would still have been secured. But, spoiler alert, it wasn’t! In an animated short staring his beloved cat, Eye In The Dark, the bunny slipper beat comes full circle and is paid off to comedic effect. Watch the LOLs below!

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Rabbits of the Gaming World: Top 8 Video Game Bunnies

Bunny rabbits can be considered as one of the omnipresent elements of the modern pop culture, as they somehow always find a way to be included in a vast array of entertainment spheres.

So right now we’ll focus on the gaming industry and some of its most prominent bunny rabbits. They come in different shapes and sizes, but are all equally cute, so buckle up as we make a rundown of eight most famous video game rabbits.

Robbie the Rabbit

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Pricey Flip-Flops: Kanye West Buys Miley Cyrus a Pair of $1,000 Fur Slippers

Miley Cyrus Kanye Slippers

Young pop sensation Miley Cyrus recently revealed receiving a pricey gem-encrusted, mink-lined present from rap magnate Kanye West.

The gift itself was none-other than a pair of slippers; and it’s not just any kind of run-of-the-mill slippers we’re talking about, but a pair of Celine fur-kenstock sandals estimated at almost $1000.

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Rabbits On The Reel: Watch A Supercut Of Bunnies In Film


In honor of our favorite holiday, Easter, we’ve cobbled together a supercut of our favorite movie bunnies and embedded it below.

The edit includes classic selections from Bambi, Harvey, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but is leavened with a selection of lesser-known, and carefully vetted, dark horse entries, showing the versatility of our rabbits friends; they’re more than just inspiration for our cute slippers.

Congrats to Kai Peter, the winner of our contest! He correctly identified all of the movies in sequence and they are now listed below the jump!

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5 Scary Halloween Hares

It’s Halloween, and rather than dress up to go take candy from strangers, we’re staying in to watch some of our favorite films. Here are five movies with hare-raising rabbits for you to watch this all hallows eve.

Let’s start out on a light note, shall we? More silly than it is scary, Night of the Lepus proves just how difficult it is to make bunny rabbits terrifying.

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