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Slippers Guide: Slippers for Comic Book Geeks

Comic Book Slippers

On this week’s Slippers Guide we’ll focus on one of the life’s greatest hobby activities – comic books! And if there’s one thing comic book geeks love, it’s official merchandise, all they can get, the more the better! So as always, we’ll focus on the slippers domain – check out what we got below! Continue reading

Sharpen Up: 10 Creative Slippers Designs

Creative Slippers

As always, creativity is the ultimate way to spice up just about any domain, including the slippers realm. Certain designers go above and beyond to intrigue customers, using a vast array of clever tricks and tidbits. Check out some of the creative slipper designs below, but we still firmly claim that nothing beats a pair of good old bunny slippers. Continue reading

Slippers Guide: Slippers for Superheroes

Superhero Slippers

One thing you should remember in life is that there is always that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero. Whether it’s your kids, a friend in need or a family member, there is always that special someone who sees you as a true hero. So in that spirit, check out some of the superhero slippers we’ve got prepared for you. Continue reading