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Celebrating International Tigers Day: Cute Tigers Gallery

In case you weren’t aware, today (July 29) is the International Tigers Day, a celebration of all things tiger and an awareness-raiser for an important cause – the extinction of these majestic creatures.

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Learn Something: Cool Platypus Facts

It might seem the other way around, but there’s certainly more neat stuff than meets the eye about this underdog dweller of nature. The fellow’s name is platypus and we’re about to bring you a neat set of facts about … Continue reading

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10 Animal Photos You Badly Need to See

Awesome animal photos can turn your frown upside down in a matter of nanoseconds, so buckle up as we bring you some of the greatest animal photos ever to surface on the inberwebs, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day: Bunny Moms Gallery

To mark this year’s Mother’s Day, we decided to share with you a heartwarming gallery proving once and for all that mother love has no boundaries, no matter if it’s humans or bunnies we’re talking about. Check out our bunny … Continue reading

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Humanity: Rescuers Make Crippled Bunny Walk Again With Custom Wheelchair

Today we bring you the story of Ariel, a bunny that can’t hop. Ariel was found abandoned in the streets of NYC, homeless and motionless. The doctors established that the little hopper suffered from limb hind paresis, most likely caused … Continue reading

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Perfect Hop: Bunny Scores Flawless Run in Rabbit Competition

Stretching the bunny agility to its very limit, this brown little hopper managed to score a perfect run during a certain bunny competition. There’s just something so special about seeing these cuties doing their best to reach the final line, … Continue reading

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Cuteness Overload: Bunnies With Glasses Gallery (10 Photos)

Now we’ve got the perfect thing to melt your face off with cuteness! We all know that bunnies are one of the cutest things out there, but when combined with a proper dose of sleek glasses, the cuteness overload is … Continue reading

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Super Fluffy Bunny: Meet the World’s Fluffiest Rabbit

Fluffier than the fluffiest pair of bunny slippers you’ve ever seen, the Angora rabbit shown in the picture above easily takes the title of the fluffiest rabbit in the world.

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LOL: Animals Halloweening This Year As Bunnies

Our friends at The Pet Collective have cobbled together an excellent gallery of animals dressed as bunnies (cue the reminder that Halloween is now 8 days away…). Embedded below are three of our faves — a snake (like srsly?), a … Continue reading

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SCIENTISTS AGREE: This Is The World’s Fluffiest Bunny

Today, in awesome stuff on the Internet: this fluffy bunny, a blizzard of white wool with only the faintest traces of a face (oh, it’s there though, you just have to work for it). Where did it come from? What … Continue reading

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