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28 Amazing Pieces of Rabbit Street Art

Some of the best art appears in unexpected places. Street art can brighten up otherwise gray and dreary areas, and bring life to the walls of a city’s concrete jungle. Sometimes, that art takes on a twitchy-nosed theme. We’ve rounded up some awesome bunny street art spotted around the world: did we miss any? Let us know!


Lenticular rabbit by Belgian artist ROA (via Twisted Sifter)

Gray bunny by Red Rabbit (via Peoples Revolutionary Arts Council)

Found in the Darlinghurst suburb of Sydney (via Darlinghurst Nights)

It’s not exactly traditional street art, but this Big Yellow Rabbit by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman certainly makes a statement! (via Juxtapoz) Continue reading

(Tricera)Top Ways To Celebrate Dinosaur Day

Today is Dinosaur Day! In honor of our prehistoric friends, we’ve gathered up some great dinosaur-themed activities and recipes that are perfect for parties as well as every day.


Whether you’re an herbivore or a carnivore, all dinosaurs need to eat. Nibble on the snacks below and some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets!

Hard Boiled Dinosaur Eggs
T-Rex Fruit Salad
Dinosaur Bones
Fossil Cookies

Arts and Crafts:

Does your house need a little prehistoric flair? Check out these crafts for some ideas to decorate your nest.

String Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur Fossils
Origami Dinosaurs
T-Rex Puppet

Clothes and Accessories:

Want to dress the part? Check out the links below for some DIY tutorials to enhance your rawr-drobe.

Dinosaur Hoodie
Dinosaur Tails
Dinosaur Mittens

Don’t forget your feet! Stomp around in a pair of our dinosaur slippers for the perfect finishing touch.

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Slippers Guide: Slippers for Baseball Fans

Baseball Slippers

There’s nothing quite like cheering for your favorite baseball team with your very own pair of signature team slippers. Let’s face it, caps are for noobs, slippers are what it’s all about, so join us as we present you some of the top baseball slippers the web has in store. Continue reading

Big Boy Slippers

Slippers Guide: Slippers for Big Boys

Big Boy Slippers

We’ve already presented you with our selection of top girl slippers, so this time around we’ll even it all out with some of the top big boy slippers the web has to offer. It’s all exclusive stuff here at Bunny Slippers, so join us for yet another rundown below! Continue reading

Slippers Guide: Slippers to Hit the Countryside

Country Animal Slippers

Are you thinking about hitting the countryside a bit this spring? If so, you better get there well prepared, and that means equip yourself with adequate slippers ASAP. We don’t intend on letting you down on this one, so take a look at some of the best countryside slippers the web has to offer. Continue reading

Spring Slippers

Slippers Guide: Slippers for Spring

Spring Slippers

As the spring has officially arrived, we figured you might want a proper pair of slippers to mark the occasion and celebrate the upcoming fine weather. Therefore, this week’s Slippers Guide is all about spring slippers. Check out what we got below! Continue reading